In this digital age, the metaverse keeps expanding, giving us new and exciting things to do and experience. Just like the early days of the internet, it is hard to predict just where this is all headed. But one thing is for sure, great things are on the horizon. 

Some of the projects that spearheaded the development and utilization of the metaverse are NFT’s. Many developers of NFT’s are hard at work exploring the possibilities of this new digital world and how they can bring value and benefits to owners of their NFT’s. So today, let’s talk about three NFT’s in 2022 that have great utility for their owners.

Alpacadabraz – 📈 Trending 2d collection + 3d release 12 feb

Alpacadabraz is an NFT that seeks to bring a new form of utility to the world of online gaming. It is a collection of 9669 unique NFT’s of pixelated alpacas created by the professional digital artist Chuckchee. Additional drops are planned for the future with about 3000 of them reserved for whitelisted users. 

If you purchase an Alpacadabraz NFT you get the option to use your own unique alpaca in a series of fun and competitive online games where you can win all kinds of prices as well as show off your alpaca to the community. 

Alpacadabraz will also launch a 3D collection ready for sandbox on February 12th, and if you already own a 2D alpaca you’ll get a free mint of the upcoming 3D collection to enjoy in the 3D sandbox world.

There are also plans for merch to be launched in 2022 exclusive to owners of the Alpacadabraz NFT so you really can stand out. 

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The Last Raptor – Create Your Own Marketplace

The Last Raptor is a brand new NFT project with some interesting goals for user utility. It is a 1923 collection in honor of the last raptor whose fossils were found in 1923. 

Each The Last Raptor NFT is iconic and unique with its own style, choice of colors and composition. Owning one of these NFT’s also gives you commercial rights to run your own internal marketplace for the trade of art tokens. You also receive 80% of the profit from any merch sale. 

Furthermore, you will also get access to a new tool the developers are making: NFTUL. It is a tool you can use to optimize your portfolio. It is based on AI and machine learning, and it will make it much easier to analyze and optimize your NFT collections when you purchase or sell. 

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VeeFriends – An NFT and a Ticket for Admission

VeeFriends is an NFT project centered around meaningful intellectual property and building a great community for learning together. Its creator, Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur, wanted to create an environment of creativity, learning, and fun. The result is VeeFriends. 

VeeFriends great utility as a token comes in the fact that it doubles as a ticket of admission for the multi-day spanning convention VeeCon where interesting and knowledgeable people from many different industries give presentations on marketing, business, ideas, innovation, fun, and much more. 

Other than that, the VeeFriends token also allows you to take part in a wide array of community events with Gary Vaynerchuk. Here you can build long-lasting friendships with other owners of the tokens and have a good time. 

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What Does it Mean for an NFT To Have Great Utility?

A lot of people chalk NFT’s down to simply being expensive pieces of digital artwork whose only purpose is to function as something collectible and nothing more. And for some NFT’s this is true. But the picks on this list tell a much different story altogether. 

What does utility mean? Well, it means that you can actually use it for something that benefits you in one way or another in different situations. When you buy one of the three highlighted NFT’s on this list, you are not just getting a piece of art to flaunt in front of your friends. You are getting something with a bunch of possibilities. 

Alpacadabraz gives you access to a fun, competitive, and online environment in the metaverse, where you can join an alive and dynamic community and win cool prizes. The Last Raptor gives you the possibility to run your own marketplace and access to an invaluable NFT tool and VeeFriends opens up a world of learning and community. These NFT’s are much more than their pretty exterior. 

It is NFT’s like these that push the boundaries for what is possible in the metaverse.

Where Can I Buy These NFT’s?

If any of these NFT’s in this article intrigues you, you may want to consider buying them and explore their possibilities for yourself. But where can you buy them?

All three NFT’s are available on OpenSea for purchase and trade, and it is the easiest place for you to become an owner of one of them. Under each NFT section above there is a link to their direct marketplace on OpenSea as well to their Discords, Twitters, and websites if you want to read more. 

The Possibilities of the Metaverse Are Multiplying

If the case studies of these three NFT’s are anything to go by, it is that what is possible in the metaverse is an expanding concept. As more and more projects explore different avenues and boulevards, we get access to more benefits.

Society is steadily moving into the metaverse, and NFT’s are becoming the stepping stone for more and more people to take part in it. Will you take part?