Is your business up to date with its online security and communicative technology? In order to keep your company current in 2016, you need to be providing an efficient, high class service, only achievable with adaptable software that supports your growing business in the evolving digital world. In order to achieve this, make sure that you take notice of the following three massive digital changes that are vital for your business in 2016:

Switch to VoIP for Calls

VoIP digic

Switching to Voice Over IP (VoIP) can give you flexibility in managing customers and channelling partners all from one single place. Setting up management in place for your inbound and outbound calls, can let you concentrate on other pressing business matters. VoIP can also allow you to transfer calls, without the use of a receptionist. Professional music can be played when calls are waiting or queued and interactive voice response can direct a customer to the appropriate destination of your business. This alleviates the need for hiring customer service or telephone operator staff and subsequently eliminating the issue of regular salary pay-outs.

Utilise Competent Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM

Running an efficient cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system such as NetSuite CRM+ can help you structure and be on top of your organisations customer service management structure. CRM can also provide seamless opportunities and methods to automise sales, marketing and support, all in one place. Sales forecasting options can allow you to predict your finances, budget, cash flow and potential issues in business areas that need to be addressed. Compensation calculation and management is an invaluable feature of a CRM, when dealing with customer or client qualms that are not so straightforward.

Upgrade Your Network Security

network security

The top best-selling network security appliance for 2015 and in no doubt 2016 is the Fortinet Wifi 60D. Able to provide firewall, access control, handle BYOD environments and web filtering, the FortiWi is a great solution to guard your business data from potential viruses and hackers. The continual threats of malware, data theft and sophisticated Denial of Service (DDos) attacks in 2015, are a constant reminder that keeping your network security system up to date, ensures that your business is protected from new and evolving potential issues that may harm your business and its data system.

Overall these three massive and important digital changes can help to improve the flow of your business and assist its growth in 2016.