A common theme found among small businesses and startup companies is that of multifacetedness. What this means is that due to the size and scale of the workforce, everyone has to take on multiple roles to help keep the business afloat. However, the drawbacks to this are very obvious. Although it helps provide variety to an employee’s or employer’s workload and fostering connectedness through consistent communication channels, sooner or later burnout might happen. There is only so much that one person can do in a span of 24 hours.

Overcoming the limitations of time and the human body can be done through the automation of some of the processes that have been set up in the business. Automation can be a game-changer for small businesses and startups, since this frees up more time and allows everyone in the company to focus on what really matters most. Below are a few automation tools that can take small businesses and startup companies to the next level.

1. Tipalti

Both large-scale and small-scale businesses should consider automating their accounts payable workflow, not only to reduce time wastage but also to increase their bottom line. Tipalti’s payables automation software works by cutting out most of the manual work that is usually required in the accounts payable process. The software offloads the effort of data collection, verification and reconciliation by validating accounting information in real time. Invoice management and tax compliance is streamlined, reducing the amount of human errors. The platform is also powered by cloud architecture that was built to scale with the business, meaning that regardless of how small or large a company’s accounts payable workflow might be, access to the automation software is still fast, secure, and reliable.

2. Refract

Businesses that conduct inbound or outbound sales calls will know how time-consuming it can be to analyze calls to generate insights. But Refract, sales coaching software, utilizes conversation intelligence to provide personalized insights to reveal key behaviors that can make or break sales conversations. Since the call analysis is done by the software, sales managers can focus more on doing other key tasks that can propel the business forward, such as coaching and feedback. The software can not only reduce the time it takes to generate sales insights, but it can also reduce the learning curve for new hires. With the generated insight of best practices, Refract provides all the information that new hires can use to start generating the numbers that the business needs.

3. Marketo

Nowadays, a lot of businesses rely on social media managers and marketing strategists to help them with their customer engagement. The challenge with this is that they may not be utilized to their fullest, since they will be spending half their time mining data and insights, as well as sending out marketing comms to multiple channels. Marketo aims to change that by allowing business owners to do all that from one platform. With a cloud-based infrastructure, users can generate marketing insights and analytics anywhere and anytime. Scalability is also not an issue, meaning that the software can grow with the business as its customer base increases as well.

Process automation helps small businesses and startups to not only save resources like time, money, and manpower, but it also allows the business to focus on its core responsibilities. Determine what areas your business needs to have automated so you can get started on generating more growth for your company.