Pac-Man—the name itself is so iconic it’s hard not to picture a yellow chomper of white pellets and blue monsters. The game’s massive popularity is due to a series of happy coincidences, although the genius of the game design cannot be discounted. When Pac-Man was released in the early 80s, it was a unique addition to an era of shooter games and marauding aliens and space monsters. Pac-man stood out as an interactive cartoon—one with a comical obsession with tiny white dots and a love-hate relationship with 4 roaming, anxious-eyed ghosts. Out of a sea of classic arcade games for sale, Pac-Man has a distinct draw and appeal among arcade lovers—it’s grip on fans and pop culture is so strong that it remains one of the most sought-after arcade games of all time. Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about this classic arcade game:

The Pac-Man Villains – The Four Ghosts

The game features 4 ghosts as villains. They are Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. Each Pac-Man ghost was designed with a unique personality, which dictates their behavior in the game, especially when chasing after Pac-Man.

Blinky (the red ghost) shadows Pac-Man chasing him from behind at all times. Pinky (the pink ghost) runs fast and aims to be constantly in front of Pac-Man. The orange ghost, Clyde has a “pokey” personality which makes its behavior in the game quite random and difficult to predict. Inky is a bashful ghost that tends to follow Pinky around. Observing these movements and behaviors as you play the game will help you best the ghosts and avoid them at all costs during the chase.

The Cursed Level – Level 256

Pac-Man was designed to be a never-ending game—until you reach Level 256. If you are skillful enough to make it to this level, then you would know exactly how this supposedly never-ending game ends. At this “cursed” level, the screen splits, much like a bug has corrupted the right half of the game’s display, showing random dots and symbols. Because of this, the player cannot see through the entire game field and eat enough dots to beat and pass through the level. This causes the game to end at Level 256.

A Perfect Game

A perfect Pac-Man score requires a player to eat every dot, fruit, energizer, and ghost possible without losing a life on all 255 levels of the game. Upon reaching Level 256, you must use all of your extra lives to earn as many points as possible before the game is over. If you successfully complete this, the total (and highest score) possible on a perfect game of Pac-Man is 3,333,360 points.

The first recorded perfect game of Pac-Man was in 1999 and it took the record-holder 6 hours to beat the entire game. There have only been 7 known players (as of 2019) to have reached this maximum score, with the fastest time of completion at 3 hours and 28 minutes.

Curious about these facts? The best way to confirm them and master the game for yourself is to face a Pac-Man machine and try to beat the game. If you play Pac-Man long enough, you will get used to each ghost’s behavior and learn how to dodge them in the most effective manner, eat every last Pac-Dot in each level, and get to the fruits and energizers at the perfect time to reach the best score possible until you lose all your Pac-Lives at Level 256.  It is not difficult to find classic arcade games for sale, especially when you want to get your hands on such an iconic game as Pac-Man.

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