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3 Essential Investments Your Start-up Will Need

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Setting up a business is full of tough decisions. Many companies will rely someone who can make sound business decisions in the first few months and years of a fledging business setting up and expanding. Thankfully though some decisions are a lot more straightforward than others. This piece runs through some of the things that are unequivocally essential to the success of your company now and in your future trading.


Investing in your public image is paramount when you are building on success. This often involves deciding what your company has to offer, what you want to achieve and who you want to appeal to. For example, a cartoon-type sketch isn’t the best logo for a financial investment firm, that relies on building a credible and reliable image. But it may work quite well for a children’s charity, who need to show they are sympathetic to their cause.


It is vital to sit down and decide on your company’s brand guidelines before you put yourself out there. Social media marketing is a great way of increasing awareness once you have a good website and your guidelines set out.

Internet connection

Maintaining good communication between your staff and clients is extremely important, which is why a reliable internet connection must be established, wherever you work from. Try using a company that specialises in providing reliable broadband to smaller firms, like Gradwell’s Fibreline solution does. This way they are more likely to understand your needs and usage, and can adapt your package to suit. With a good connection in place you can even start to make and receive phone calls using a VoIP system, which completely eliminates the need for costly landline packages.

Internet connection

Data protection

Once you begin to build your list of clients, your CRM will be gathering incredibly sensitive information that internet crooks would love to get their hands on. Thankfully, there are several measures you can take to at least limit the damage a data breach could do to your company and your clients.

Data protection

By investing in these areas you are not only protecting your livelihood, but you are safeguarding your future too. A small mistake can often snowball for businesses so it is important to invest a bit more at the start to prevent anything getting in the way of your idea and a great future.

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