When new business owners start establishing their online presence, they often get wrapped up in analytics without understanding the most important aspects. So often, they mistake the number of page views as the determining factor for whether an ad, campaign, page, article, or blog is receiving good or insufficient traction. However, to measure interaction, they must also consider the depth of their reach as well as number of return visits; a single unique visitor, while giving their page a view, doesn’t necessarily continue to engage the user after that initial interaction.

Depth Of Interaction Matters

For businesses looking to build a loyal customer base that remains keen and interested in what the company offers, they must look beyond the surface engagement, especially if they have a niche audience who they hope will visit the website often and go deep into it – visiting multiple pages. While the number of unique visitors tells businesses something about the size of their audience, the variety of pages visited, and number of return visits shows them how much of an impact they’re having on this target market.

Watch How Much Time Is Spent On Pages

The length of time a user spends on a page is an indication of their engagement; it may mean they’re reading the whole way through a blog post or a mission statement for example, or that they’re watching videos and listening to podcasts from beginning to end. If they’re spending time, it means their curiosity has peaked, however a high bounce rate (calculated by the number of visitors that show up but leave within a few seconds) can actually hurt your engagement rate – even if this boosts page views.

How Much Is It Costing? What’s You Return On Investment?

If you’re driving traffic to your website through ads or sponsored posts, it’s important to see what the cost for generating these leads are, even if the number of visitors is high, even if the depth of conversation is valuable.At the end of the day, if your business is losing money targeting these audiences, ads are moot. While trying to increase engagement, keep your costs per conversion in mind.

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A high number of page views can be useful if breadth and range of engagement is important for your brand, however it’s not always an honest indicator of online performance, let alone growth of your audience. In addition to page views, be sure to also measure the time each user spends on your site and how deep they go into what you have to offer. Finally, monitor uptimes and downtimes on your server, and be sure to connect with your provider if you find your site is going down too frequently.