Whether it’s connecting with customers or communicating with clients and colleagues, simply owning a smartphone with a dedicated line isn’t a great business phone system for businesses of any size. For smaller businesses and offices, a functional, reliable business phone system is even more essential in keeping things running smoothly – but without a system catered to what your individual business needs, the most robust-featured services aren’t going to help. With that in mind, here are three modern business phone systems to consider having when setting up phone lines for long-standing businesses and fresh start-ups alike.

Cloud-based services

The cloud is a great place for documents, personal and professional – and thanks to companies like RingCentral, also a place for business phone systems to assist thriving professionals and organizations. These one-all solutions are designed with multitasking offices in mind; everything from business texts to voice mails, faxes, and HD video conferencing are all available in the cloud, able to sync with Google Drive and Dropbox to further organize one’s business into a single, secure location – and also ensure that customers are able to connect to you when they need to, a feature many businesses easily overlook, but always need to remember to pay attention to.

cloud phone


Flexibility is really the name of the game here; with the ability to handle all sorts of different services, Ring Central and others like it are able to blur the lines between data management and business phone system, allowing for easy access and constant availability, without the hassle of having to update or install new hardware to boot. This kind of instant functionality is essential in the fast-paced, modern business world: and the shared flexibility of the cloud for both users and administrators is an undeniably attractive feature set for thriving operations.

Smartphone Solutions

For some, a wide berth of business-oriented applications may not be needed; for the more entrepreneurial type, a smaller, more mobile-focused business phone system is recommended. Services like Grasshopper allow small businesses to manage their professional phone numbers and voice mails from their cell phones, as well as the normal home/office telephones. These services offer unique features like unique caller ID, voice mail transcription, and the ability to set up extensions to connect with any employee, wherever they may be located.


Grasshopper isn’t the only company with a smartphone app to help manage business phone systems – other companies like RingCentral, BatCrab and Fonality allow companies and individuals alike to take their voicemails and personal extensions with them anywhere they go. Of course, every business is going to be looking for a different solution, and each company is worth a look to get a closer look at what their apps actually offer in terms of mobile functionality. In our research, Grasshopper proved to be one of the most popular – and with two of the most awarded modern entrepreneurs at the helm, the potential is unlimited for on-the-go business phone management.

Traditional VoIP services

Companies like Ring Central, Grasshopper, and ZipZap (who recently release the first mobile iPad business phone system, complete with full touchscreen compatibility) are always thinking forward about how to communicate faster and more efficiently, catering to businesses small and large with their variety of services for phone, fax, mobile, and voice mail. But never, ever underestimate the value of traditional VoIP services like Vocalocity, whose simple feature set and time-tested functionality remain a viable asset for businesses with international interests, business phone systems designed to be efficient and affordable for companies of any size.