Nowadays within just a few taps on your Smartphone, you can avail a taxi service for yourself no matter at which time of the day and even on holidays thanks to a lot of ride sharing applications that is available on across all major mobile operating systems.

Finding a taxi service that doesn’t hurt your pocket yet meets your quality standards is not at all a difficult task these days, and there are a lot of options to choose from as well.

However, if you are comparatively new to the taxi service concept, and if you are interesting in availing yourself a safe, pocket friendly yet comfortable taxi service, then today we are here with a list of the best ride sharing services currently available that we believe will impress you.



UBER is one of the most popular ride sharing service provider out there and is available in many countries across the globe. This indeed has raised them to become one of the most popular and widely chosen ride sharing companion out there.

You can make use of UBER’s taxi sharing service by installing the UBER application on your Smartphone, which supports all major mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The process to hire yourself a taxi is quite easy and the response times are rather quick.

The taxi drivers are quite lenient and takes customer satisfaction as their ultimate priority. Therefore, you will have a very joyful ride using UBER.


Similar to UBER, you will have to use the RIDEOUT companion application on your Smartphone to request a driver to reach your location. And one of the user friendly feature that RIDEOUT offers is that it shows you the current location of the driver, from the time he responds to your request until he reaches your doorstep, and you can also check the vehicle model that is reaching you. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of rides from regular taxi’s, town cars to even SUV’s and limousines, depending on your wish.


Also unlike other ride sharing services out there, there will be no price hike in peak hours which is guaranteed, and once the ride is over, you can also rate the driver and his services, which may help other service users as well.


DRIVING ALLIANCE is a non-profit organization with an aim to reduce road accidents caused due to drunken driving. People can hire taxi’s from DRIVING ALLIANCE to predestined venue’s such as bars or party halls, so that once you are drunk, you can safely reach home without harming yourself or others by driving yourself after getting drunk.

As of now though, there are no mobile applications for this service, however, you can visit their website and avail their service after checking their price.

Final Words

As said in the beginning of the article, if you are kind of new to taxi services and wish to experience the best of ride sharing with safety and comfort without actually spending a lot of money, then the above mentioned taxi services are the best according to us. You can check some other tips for regular taxi app users.

However, if you are quite familiar with ride sharing, and if your favorite taxi service is not mentioned in the list above, then please do share your views about your favorite ride sharing service, as comments below.