Android users are susceptible to some major Facebook performance errors. Despite the Android Facebook Errors are high in number, the tricks for their solution are also widespread and highly effective. In this advanced world of social media and application knowledge, sticking to conventional solutions can cause a lot of frustration because of their ineffectiveness.  An Android user can make use of following tricks to enjoy a wholesome Facebook browsing experience:

1. Keep your Android Secure

Android Security is the major concern of all the Facebook Users. Since Facebook is a social platform, the users are constantly subjected to a number of malware, virus and hacking threats. Spammers and spies are equally as much in number as the normal Facebook users. Your IP address is the first one to be detected by any hacker and it can compromise your online security if any spy lays his hands on it. Protecting your personal information on Facebook is highly important as it can prevent spams, hacking, frauds and even serious criminal offenses. You cannot rely on your device to do that for you. To tackle this problem and to prevent location tracking, use a VPN service. Answering your question to what is a VPN in Android; it is simply a way of hiding your IP address by obtaining a new and secured one. A VPN service will not only speed-up your browsing process but also will protect your location and personal information from any sort of hackers, trackers, and spies. Online security on the Facebook app from your Android is your first priority and using a VPN can be a lot of help.

2. Stopping AutoPlay of videos

All Facebook users are well aware of the annoyance brought by auto-playing of videos. Unexpected noise aside, Autoplay of Facebook videos on Android leads to device freezing if the network is showing an attitude. Facebook auto-shutdown and device freezing are common problems faced by Android Facebook users if this problem is not addressed properly. The autoplay of videos can be easily prevented by adopting a simple strategy and following easy steps. In order to prevent this problem, stopping of Facebook videos auto-play on Android is necessary. To perform this action, go to Settings -> App Settings – > Video Autoplay -> Off. By doing so, the autoplay of Facebook videos on Android will be stopped and you will be able to enjoy a hassle and annoyance-free time on Facebook.

3. Preventing auto-restart problems (Pname Com Facebook Orca Error)

Android users face Facebook auto-restart errors. The problem of auto-restarting of Facebook on Android devices is due to the improper functioning and installation of Facebook and Facebook Messenger App. Whenever you install these apps, three folders are created inside your Android device naming: the orca folder, the katana folder, and the home folder. These folders are actually in form of sub-folders which are present in Pname Com Facebook Orca folder. Responsible for storing important information such as Messenger media, messages, videos, images and emoticons, the Pname Com Facebook Orca folder is not to be deleted as it can cause the loss of retrievable data. However, it can cause Pname Com Facebook Orca Error which results in the auto-restarting of the Facebook app during browsing or performing actions. The best way to get rid of Pname Com Facebook Orca Error is to clear all data or cache from the Pname Com Facebook Orca folder. In order to enjoy a hassle-free web-browsing on the Facebook app, it is important to get rid of Pname Com Facebook Orca Error.

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Facebook is a rapidly growing social media platform. The above tricks can facilitate Android users in the prevention of some of the most common Facebook errors.