The man cave is a thing of beauty. Outfitted with everything you need to enjoy the ultimate masculine pursuits, it offers a better place to escape to, complete with pizza, peace, and some pretty cool technology.

To assume the mantle of man cave ownership, however, carries with it great responsibility. In order not to let your male brethren down, it has to offer a haven fully equipped with fixtures and fittings that will unburden your mind on even the most fraught of days.

So, rather than leaving you to your own devices, we have a few techie tips to get you started…

#1: The HD TV


As is rather obvious, no man cave would be complete without a big screen. Sports viewing is an essential masculine pastime, and you need to be able to get up close and personal with the action, without the risk of pixelation. The perfect candidate for the role is unquestionable: a 4K ultra HD model. Make it the centre-point of your home theatre for the ultimate viewing experience. This website has some great options for TVs and home theater designs.

#2: The Light Up Sports Alerts

The gloom of a man cave cries out for a little light, yet it should only be permitted entry on the most important of occasions. We’d say that your team scoring constitutes such, and that’s why you need to download the IF app. Combined with a Philips hue light and the ESPN app, you’ll be able to set up a celebratory flash for every time your team scores. This means that even when you can’t watch the game, you’ll still know that good things are happening in the world.

#3: The Robots

The Robots

The man cave is a place to indulge in some truly infantile fun, and as every boy knows, robots rule. Some high-tech toys are a man cave must have, and the MiP robot and its prehistoric counterpart are the bomb. Invest in both and you can enjoy the ultimate fight for domination. Show your friends what you’ve got, and if you really want to raise the stakes and remind yourself that you are adults, put your money where your mouth is, with the tournament winner taking all.

#3 ½: Extra Sockets

You’d think that techies would know better, but the same man cave mishap arises over and over again: a lack of sockets. A tech haven it may be, but your all boys hideaway is going to need some power to keep everything running smoothly, so take the time to convert all of your single sockets to doubles. Extension leads might also be handy, but two sockets will still be better than one.

What cave of wonders will you create?