Rummy enthusiasts live for the card game. The thought of playing a few rounds in the evening helps them get through a long and difficult day. This beautiful card game can keep the mind occupied for hours. Rummy fans love the game because it never gets boring! New games, new players, and new strategies amp up the thrill, fun, and excitement.

Now that we are well into the New Year, as a rummy-lover, have you made any resolutions? Have you set new targets for yourself? The whole point of consistently playing a beloved game is to improve yourself, evolve your style and push yourself to new heights. In this article, we will discuss a few goals that you should strive to reach.

Master a new variant of rummy

Rummy is actually a spectrum of card games. Even though at the heart, the rules are the same, the variants of rummy are different as night and day. That is why rummy is so thrilling. If you get tired of one version, you can easily take up another variant.

Your 2021 goal should be to not just grasp but become a pro at a rummy variant you have never tried before. If you have only played Pool rummy, then it’s high time you tried your hand at the other forms of 12 cards rummy, such as Points rummy or Deals online rummy. We promise that these versions of online rummy are just as much fun.

And if you are already adept at all the versions of 13 cards rummy, it’s time to have a crack at the most difficult variant of rummy. 21 cards rummy is quite complex. Understanding, learning the nuances, practising will take up many days and you might even feel like giving up. But stay true to your goal. Once you master 21 cards rummy, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have learnt a card game that many people give up on.

No more free games

If you have recently fallen in love with rummy games, and have only been playing freeroll games, it’s time to take the training wheels off the bicycle! Now that you have understood the basics and had a long practice run, you should graduate to cash rummy games. Time to get adventurous! Taking risks will pay dividends. Pay the buy-in of cash online rummy game, and use the skills you have been picking up over the last few months. You might not start winning right from the start. But this will be a test of your perseverance. Besides, when you play cash rummy games, you are likely to be pitted against really experienced and skilled players. You can learn a lot from them and improve your game plans.

Participate in more rummy tournaments

Tournaments are the best thing about playing rummy. They offer the ultimate thrill, challenge and are super-competitive because a lot of people participate in every online rummy tournament. So make it your goal to not just participate in more tournaments than you did last year, but win as many rummy tournaments as well. Only the truly skilled rummy players can win tournaments. So, let your goal be to elevate your skill-set to the level when you become invincible. And to further incentivize you, we offer lakhs of rupees as cash rewards to winners of rummy tournaments.

So, are you ready to fatten up your bank account and brag about being a pro online rummy player? Register yourself on Adda52Rummy and work hard to meet these goals.