The phrase “New year, new me,” is something that we hear at the beginning of every new year. But, 2020 marked the beginning of a new decade, which in itself is something special. For companies who have hemmed and hawed over whether or not to move from a paper-based quality control system to a quality software solution, now is the time. There are numerous benefits from moving from a paper-based system to a digital one. Here are just a few of them:

Compliance Control

Does your business or company produce a product or service that is highly regulated? If the answer is yes, and most of them are dependent on the country you work in, then a paper-based system is basically obsolete. Every government body has a ministry that is involved with compliance regulations for a number of different products that are produced. The pharmaceutical industry has to conduct a number of phased trials before a drug can ever make it to the market. Automotive factories have to ensure that their vehicles, and the parts that comprise them are also up to safety standards. All of this testing takes time, and quality software is the platform that allows companies to input data efficiently, and analyze it. Imagine having to go through reams of paper to find the one report on the quality of a certain component from five years ago? It could take weeks to locate, whereas with quality software it takes one click. Time is money, and nobody wants to waste time when they could be saving it. 

As regulations change, the regulations within the quality software itself will adapt and update them. With a paper-based system a person will physically have to go through the management plans to see if they meet with the new regulatory changes. If they do not, then your company is noncompliant and could be subject to an audit, which nobody wants. 

Looking For Trends

As soon as the regulations are updated in the system, and the procedures for producing products and services amended to reflect these, employees can be made aware of the changes. Regulations must be followed by every person at a company, as they pertain to them. Sometimes incidents will occur, such as a chemical spill in a lab that will injure an employee. The employee could have been injured because they were not wearing the right protective gear. Quality software can see what incidents have occurred, and whether or not they indicate if regulations are being followed or not. More often than not, incidents occur because of human error, and these can be minimized with extra training. The software will generate reports on incident trends, which occupational health managers can then examine and create plans for.

Software has the ability to revolutionize the components of quality management, with control and assurance being two of the most important ones. Take a step back from the paper system, and try out some software. The results will shock you in the best way possible. Your company will become efficient, and join the digital age.