If you really want to increase your sales volume, then definitely you need to take the time and effort to go the extra mile with your product photos. Here are the tips and tricks to optimize product imagery for Etsy.

Here we go……

First things first, get familiar with the eCommerece platform guidelines (Amazon, Shopify, Esty, EBay…etc.). As per some platform guidelines you can only use photos that are at least 2000px wide. Using this product picture allows the buyer to zoom in and see details. And so far thumbnails are concerned, Etsy takes care of that automatically. So your product to be sold on Etsy has to be:

Maximum product photo file size: 20 MB

Product photo file type: .jpg, .gif and .png

Product photo image size: at least 1000 px square

You can get up to ten product photos for each product, and at Etsy you can use at least five. The first photo used should be landscape or square. Also, they recommend you convert images to sRGB.

Here are the best tips to Etsy product photography:

Plan Ahead

Believe it or not, planning is the key to success! So, before you shoot make sure you plan everything beforehand, like where to shoot indoors or outdoors, with a simple background or with a model, all these you need to plan beforehand. It will help you eliminate the chances of things getting wrong on last minute.

Say NO To The White Background

For Amazon using white background is good. But when it’s about Etsy, you need to say NO to white background. Don’t worry, you can use a simple backdrop setup or on backgrounds you have around the area, like a beautiful rustic tabletop.

Keep Your Products Clean

This is however no brainer, but still neat and clean items sell faster than the ones with water spots or fingerprints. So, make sure you clean your product one last time before you actually click the shutter.

Use Natural Light 

Using soft natural lights for your product photography than harsh studio light does will help you win the show on eCommerece Platform.

Turn Your Flash Off

When it comes to selling your products online, inaccurate color can affect your sale negatively, so it’s good to forget the flash for the most realistic result.

Use Composition Tools 

Be creative and use composition tools to highlight your product artfully.

Use Setting Your Product Fits Into Naturally 

Each product has different dimensions and requirements; it is crucial that you see what kind of setting your product fits into naturally. And accordingly set it.

Go Close

Let the product fill most of the frame in the setting you have arranged so that buyers can have a good look good close look at the item.

Avoid Distractions 

For a product to sell faster, it is crucial that there are no distractions in the imagery. Having distractions simply create bad impact on buyers.

Employ Shallow Depth Of Field

While creating product photos for Etsy specifically, make sure you employ a shallow depth of field.

Include Some Unifying Elements 

Using unifying elements on your page will help buyers know that an item is your item and they are on the right platform.

Keep Your Edit Crisp

Go for clear, clean, and crisp photo edits so that your product does not lose its originality and its colors, textures, and features show up properly. Use Clipping Path Service to edit your photos effortlessly.

Use Props

Adding beautiful props to display your product will not only make your product shine dynamically, but also attract viewer’s attention.

Keep Your Customer In Mind

While creating the setting, composition, and accessories for your product, make sure you keep your customer in mind.

Art Of Storytelling 

Your products should look more like a story than a mere item. So create the setting in such a way that the buyer can easily relate with it.

Use Models 

When selling on eCommerece Platform, for some item categories such as fashion and clothing, it is recommended to use models. The buyer would be able to imagine how a particular item will finally look.

Show All The Intricacies 

Let all the intricacies of the product be featured so that people know exactly what they’re buying.

Focus On Details

To make your product outshine on any eCommerece Platform, make sure you capture clear, crisp details and all the other elements big or small that make your products special.

Hope that these tips help you have increased sale on eCommerece Platforms!!