League of Legends (LOL) is a game that offers an incredible experience for players. With more than 100 champions to choose from, there are many ways for you to find your niche in the game. Whether you’re looking for some LOL tips on how to get started with the game or want some general advice on how to improve your skill set, this article will provide 15 tips that will help you get better at League of Legends!

  1. Try Out Different Characters

It can be very tempting to play one character all the time, but you’ll never improve your skills if you don’t try out different characters. There are many roles in League of Legends:

  • Jungle 
  • Mid Lane
  • Top Lane
  • ADC
  • Support

So feel free to experiment with each role or champion that is available for purchase! 

  1. Learn the Map

League of Legends has a large map with many different paths that you can take to reach your destination. It’s important that you learn about the best ways to get from one point to another, and you’ll only be able to do this if you know how each part of the map works. Spend some time studying each area!

  1. Try to Learn One Position Really Well

It’s tempting to try and learn each position, but if you want to improve your skills in League of Legends it might be a better idea for you to focus on one specific area. For example, do you enjoy playing ADC? Focus all of your attention there and try to find league of legends players with similar interests to talk about! 

If you start trying out different positions while still learning the ropes at ADC, then you’re going to end up failing miserably. 

  1. Learn the Hotkeys

If you don’t know where something is located on the keyboard, then it might be hard to find in a pinch! Spend some time learning about each area of the keyboard and how they’re used. For example, knowing that “Q” controls your champion’s abilities can save you from having to look down at your hotkeys during all-out team fights!

  1. Stay Behind Minions

The key to winning team fights is by sticking together! This means that you’ll want to stay behind your minions at all times. If the enemy gets too close, then try poking them with your abilities (if possible) or hit them with some auto attacks until they retreat back into their original position next to their own minion wave.

  1. Stay Out of Enemy Turret Range

Pay attention to all tips for league of legends beginners but this one especially. It’s important that you know how far various champion abilities can reach. 

If one simple mistake like this gets you killed early on during a game, then there’s no way for you to improve unless someone else carries your team to victory.

  1. Try to Survive as Long as Possible

Another important thing regarding  league of legends tips is to know how long your character can last during team fights. You don’t want to die early on in the game, so it’s best that you stay alive as much as possible! Don’t make any risky moves if there are minions nearby – try sticking next to them at all times and only moving away once they’re out of reach from enemy abilities or auto-attacks.

  1. Learn How to Last-Hit

One of the most important skills in League of Legends is last-hitting – one of the important ones when we talk about lol beginner tips. You’ll want to get as many minions kills (or champion kills) as possible during each game because you don’t gain any experience if your character doesn’t land the killing blow!

Try practicing this skill in a custom game by yourself so that you can improve faster than by jumping straight into ranked matches online where everyone else’s attitude might be less than cooperative with newcomers like yourself.

  1. Learn the Language

As you continue playing League of Legends, you’ll start to learn more about the game’s terminology. 

For example, when something goes terribly wrong in a match and your team starts losing ground, then expect one or several teammates to say “bg” (short for the bad game). This means that they think the game is over since their chances at victory are slim-to-none.

  1. Communicate With Your Team

When we talk about league of legends tips for new players it’s always a good idea to communicate with your team as much as possible. Although you might not want to hear the ramblings of an angry player during ranked matches, it’s important that you figure out how they’re feeling so that you can adjust accordingly!

  1. Make Sure You Have Time to Play a Full Game

League of Legends is a time-consuming game, so you’ll want to make sure that your schedule allows for an entire match. This means not playing with players who leave as soon as they start losing or if someone disconnects from the server during champion selection! 

  1. Find a Favorite Character and Look Up a Guide for Them

If you plan on playing a lot of League of Legends, then it’s important that you find at least one character who really speaks to your heart. Once this happens, start looking up information about them so that you can better understand how they work and what their abilities do!

  1. Have an Idea of the Items You Want to Buy Before the Game Starts

This one is very important for our league of legends beginner tips session. Before jumping into a League of Legends match, you should have an idea of what items your character will need depending on the role they play.

  1. Be Cautious About Pushing Your Lane

If you’re playing a champion who is very weak early on in the game, then it’s best that you stay close to your tower while last-hitting minions. This way if someone comes up behind you and tries hitting away at your health points, then they’ll have a difficult time getting rid of both your minion wave and tower!

  1. Farm Continuously Throughout the Game

Something that is the most important for league of legends beginners is to “farm as much” as possible! Whether it’s by killing minions or champion kills, being able to gain gold at a steady pace will ensure your team has the resources needed for victory.