If you want to up your communication game, make your email designs a priority! Email marketing is here to stay, and marketers across the industries are banking upon it for decades. Irrespective of the type of business you are associated with, emails are omnipresent. From local florists to international fashion brands, emails can be considered as a linchpin for one and all! As stated in a recent article, more than 59% of marketers admit emails to be their biggest source of ROI and 73% of millennials prefer business communication to take place via emails. These stats are overwhelming, and if email marketing isn’t on your digital strategy yet, you are missing out on a lot! 

There can be an email for anything you want to convey. Whether you want to launch a product, conduct an event, wish to know your customers’ feedback, or simply want to greet your subscribers on the holiday season, email is your one-stop solution. Emails are here for a while now, but they’re not some traditional, old messaging features anymore. With advanced tech, the emerging marketplace, and smart consumers, emails have also come a long way to be nothing but dynamic!

If you want some inspiration to design your email campaigns with all that’s currently in trend, you’ve landed at the right place. We have compiled nearly 15 exceptional email templates that caught our eye. Check them out.

15 Email Campaigns With A WOW Factor

The email templates on our list are from different brands and business verticals. We have put together some of the freshest, out-of-the-box, email templates that are in compliance with the latest email marketing trends. With every email template, we’ve added our comments about what we liked and why we liked it. So without any further ado, let’s dig in…

1. MOO

MOO is a digital print and design company. Its email is subtly impactful and minimal. The template has a GIF to draw the attention and only a single CTA to hold it. The email creates enough curiosity for readers to click on the CTA to find out what’s inside. Moreover, the entire template is designed using only 3 colors.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Brilliantly placed CTA
  • Curiosity index
  • GIF


This email from Postmates is bold and beautiful. Pastel colors are so in the trend that they’re stunningly charming. What we loved about this template is its concise message, Thanksgiving greeting, and a gentle reminder about the mobile app availability at the end.


  • Pastel hues
  • Good email copy
  • Smart CTA placement
  • Greeting with a gift

3. Netflix

Personalized email campaigns are said to improve click-through rates by 14% and Netflix’s emails are said to be the most personalized ones in the industry. In this email by Netflix, it is remarkably sticking to its core tactic by sending interest-specific upcoming show details.


  • Personalization
  • Dark theme (one of the latest email trends with emerging dark mode)
  • Text to image ratio
  • GIF

4. Apple’s WWDC



WWDC is a renowned event. Apple sends invites via emails to a particular segment of developers which is highly targeted and neat. The use of illustrations with Mac book at the front says a lot with so little.


  • Dark mode enhancements
  • Single, clear CTA
  • Use of Illustration
  • To the point and catchy

5. Xfinity

This interactive email template by Xfinity is sheer perfection. Interactive emails are one of the trending email marketing tricks and adding a countdown timer makes everything more engaging.


  • Interactive email template
  • Built-in calendar & countdown timer
  • Diagonal Blocks & font

6. Email Uplers

Email Uplers is the leading email marketing service provider with hands-on experience in crafting, managing, and executing email marketing solutions. The email template here portrays its brand identity with the colors and graphics used. The minimalist, 3-color template sure catches attention.


  • Unique brand positioning & consistency
  • 2 Smart Placements of CTAs
  • Educating message with illustrations
  • Witty Content

7. Harry’s

Harry’s is a skincare brand specializing in soaps and body wash. Their soothing email template is all about color psychology, CTA Placements, and beautiful design. What we loved about this template is how they’ve differentiated distinct products according to their ingredient-temperament. Fuchsia for Fig, Green for herbal, and Blue for stone.


  • 6 CTAs
  • Incorporated color psychology
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Animation cues

8. Paperless Post

Big, bold text with bright, large imagery – a perfect combo! It is difficult to incorporate both typography and nature pictures in a single frame, but Paperless Post has done an amazing job with the Rose Day email. What we liked the most is how they included an upcoming event with its product display for the occasion.


  • Occasion greetings
  • Typography
  • Sleek email copy


This elegant ‘Rawr and Purr Collection’ by FOSSIL is yet another example of how you can convey so much with so little! The two CTAs with wordplay are the highlights of the template. ‘Pounce’ and ‘They’re Purrfect’ goes just right by the theme, and with the cool kitty-inspired belts in the display, the email just wins hearts right away.


  • Wordplay
  • Product display
  • Subtle background

 10. Carhartt WIP

This online fashion brand is promoting the busiest shopping days of the year! BFCM email campaigns are extremely popular among consumers as well as businesses. A simple curtain-like element stating Black Friday is ON sure casts a spell. Moreover, the email template, going with the theme, is in dark hues with minimal text.


  • Great GIF idea
  • Text-to-image ratio
  • Dark more compliance

 11. Outdoor Voices

The GIF you see here is from an email that has been sent to celebrate a half-year birthday of a subscriber. Nothing strengthens a bond more than taking care of the small details, and Outdoor Voices just nailed that! Sending a cake with a special discount or offer on an occasion of a half-yearly birthday is nothing but a brilliant move. Apart from the concept, we loved how the template graphic is made just from the borders and only two colors.


  • Smart concept
  • Personalized message
  • Single color usage

12. REI

It is not always about graphics, patterns, and illustrations, but rather how real you can make your readers feel with whatever you have! REI, a camping brand utilizes real-time photos to put across a message of treks, camps, and outdoors.


  • Great email copy
  • Typography
  • Mobile App details
  • Gift card promotion
  • Non-cluttered element placements


TATTLY is a temporary tattoo design provider company that sells Tattoo sheets inspired or designed by real tattoo artists. Their email templates are always creative with a lot of design elements and photos.


  • Real-time photos
  • Well-crafted template design
  • Mention of the loyalty program


Sharing a brand story or behind the scene moments has become a major bonding practice among the industries. With such storytelling sessions, the otherwise inhuman businesses can establish a connection with their followers. Everlane is a clothing brand portraying its organic commitment by pledging to move all of the cottons to organic by 2023. The design and copy of the email are powerful and subtle in their own way. 


  • Storytelling
  • Brand vision
  • Beige Color palette
  • Changing background images (GIF)
  • Powerful message


Taco Bell sends across emails that are drooling and tempting with price drops or discounts. The email template here demonstrates its actual pictures with its delivery partner, free delivery, drive-thru option, and mobile app promotion. In a way, the email does look a little cluttered, but yet again the grids save the day.


  • Multiple elements covered
  • Use of brand colors
  • Actual food photos
  • Promotion value


These 15 enticing and elegant email templates are truly inspirational! The next time, when you craft your email campaign, keep these email designs in mind to come up with something that represents your brand persona, grabs the subscribers’ eye, as well as increases engagement. Wondering how you can create such awesome templates in the ESP you use? There are many email marketing agencies which can help you create the best of Mailchimp templates, Salesforce templates, or Pardot templates for the ESP you use. So, go ahead and make the most of them.