Japan is so famous of its anime just like Korea is famous for its K-drama. Over the years, Japanese anime has walked towards the world and brings excellent works for people around the world to enjoy. Just like many movies and TV shows, anime also contains meaningful things which the authors want to express to audiences. 

There are many anime resources online and people can enjoy them easily no matter where they are and what devices they are using. So today, this review aims at introducing you 12 sites where you can enjoy anime episodes in 2020. Have a look and do not miss the one you like.

  • Niconico

For streaming Japanese anime online, Niconico must be the first authoritative and most popular website that I would like to introduce. This website was developed by a Japanese and it gained a big success. Now many people rely on Niconico for getting the latest anime episodes and other related news. The platform offers high quality streaming experience such as the 1080p so that everyone can enjoy a good anime playback experience on Niconico. To download Niconico videos in 1080p for offline playback, you can try some helpful Niconico video downloader to help.


  • YouTube

Being the largest online video streaming platform, YouTube contains resources of all video categories. So yes, you can absolutely find anime on this platform easily. From the western cartoons to Japanese anime episodes, YouTube offers high quality playback resolutions to allow people of all ages to enjoy. If you are parents and want to save the anime for your kids to watch offline, try some helpful YouTube video downloaders to help.


  • Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is also a popular website on which people can enjoy high-quality anime episodes. Crunchyroll requires audiences to subscribe for its plan for accessing all the anime episodes and have a high-quality playback. But it also gives a free trial for new users to try the online service. After subscribing for Crunchyroll, you can also enjoy the anime on more devices such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and PS4.


  • 9Anime

9Anime has a very simple interface, with only a search bar in the middle of the main page for people to easily find the anime they like for enjoying oline. But the database of 9Anime is large and you can find many different and popular anime episodes inside this website. 9Anime offers English and Japanese version, and also dark/light modes to protect your eyes. 9Anime also divides the anime according the first letter of their titles, so you can also search for anime in this way.


  • Gogoanime

Gogoanime is also a website which offers both classic and trending anime for people to enjoy freely. You can access to the latest release just on the home page of Gogoanime and start watching the episode online. Gogoanime offers translations so that people who don’t understand Japanese can also watch the anime episodes without any obstables. Gogoanime also offers movies for movie mads to enjoy. You can find many resources on this website easily.


  • KissAnime

For watching anime online, KissAnime is also a popular site that you should not miss. This website has been run for a long time and it has comparatively comprehensive resources of almost all popular anime episodes. You can also find cartoon resources on KissAnime, and like Gogoanime, it offers anime dubbed for foreigners to enjoy. But KissAnime lists ads on its platform and this may be annoying because sometimes people may mis-click the ads and turn the page to the ads page.


  • Asian Crush

Asian Crush is a website that contains not only anime resources, but also many other video content such as Korean dramas, martial arts movies, Asian horror movies, Korean thrillers, and Asian action movies. As its name goes, Asian Crush is more like a library which stores the popular video content released in Asian countries. So if you are interested Asian video content, you really should not miss Asian Crush.


  • AnimeLab

If you are in Australia and New Zealand, then you can try to enjoy anime episodes on AnimeLab. It is a pity that this platform is only available in these two countries currently, but AnimeLab is a really good site to enjoy anime episodes with high quality. Except for anime, TV shows, simulcasts and movies are also provided in AnimeLab. By sign in the platform, you can enjoy these recourses easily and with good streaming experience.


  • Anime Planet

Anime Planet offers over 45,000 anime episodes online and they are completely legal for streaming. For convenient playback, Anime Planet enables people to create their own anime playlists so that the anime playback is more personalized and convenient. Except for anime episodes, Anime Planet also provides manga resources. For people who enjoy both anime and manga, Anime Planet is a heaven to discover countless resources.


  • Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an online website where provides many different resources to watch online, including movies, TV shows, and anime. The resources provided on this site are entirely legal and users can stream them with very good quality. Tubi TV is now available in United States, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. It is a good place for English-speakers to stream anime episodes on different devices.


  • Pokemon.com

As its name goes, this website is designed with many Pokemon elements, which make this site to be so cute and attractive to Pokemon lovers. You can not only discover some TV episodes on Pokemon.com, but also games and some popular events that have attracted many people to join. This is a free site so you don’t need to pay any fee for enjoying the services provided on the platform.


  • Funimation

Funimation contains anime episodes with over 13,000 hours, ranging from those classic episodes to the latest trends originated from Japan. By sunscribing to Funimation, you can enjoy ads-free anime episodes with subs and dubs. Or you can even download the epsiodes for later playback offline if you need. Funimation will provide quality-guaranteed service to let you have the best anime streaming experience.

For many people, watching anime is a great way to relax themselves and make them have the chance to get rid of the real world. Many anime episodes convey positive ideas and they can bring inspiration to our reality lives. And I think this is also the reason for why Japanese anime is so popular in all over the world.