The internet has become one of the best avenues for creating a business. When it comes to creating a website for our business, it takes money to create your domain name. While some may be affordable, others can be quite costly. And we don’t mean by the thousands, either. Some domain names actually cost millions because of the popularity it would lead to when people search for such websites. After all,  everybody would opt to type in or search for a website name that’s easy to remember and type. That is why hundreds of famous and successful companies try their best to get popular domain names that can have all Internet users flocking to it. A good domain name would equal to a ton of traffic, making it one of the reasons why it is a great investment when going online.

In this infographic, we show you the top 10 most expensive domain names that fetch to the millions. And yes, these are serious purchases, all for the name of success and increase of traffic. With stiff competition, bidding wars would ensue in order to get the wanted domain name. Guess which one made the most expensive purchase of domain names?

The Ten Most Expensive Domain Name Purchases – An infographic by the team at PAC Web Hosting