In modern society, being online and interacting through social media has become an integral part of our daily activities. Having no personal social media presence today would make someone an anomaly. Having no social media presence as a business would make that company strategically disadvantaged. This is why many companies today have social media managers or even entire departments devoted to social media tools and digital marketing strategizing.

The power of social media is indeed a formidable power that all companies today strive to harness. No matter the size of your company, there is a wealth of value to be gained from successfully selling goods and services using social media videos.

Selling Products Using Social Media Videos

According to Social Media Today, video content outperforms all other forms of content on Facebook. This also extends through all other social media platforms. The findings are unsurprising because it is quite easy to see that information shared through a visual medium is absorbed easier and faster than through text.

Exploiting this fact to advance your business marketing objectives would be a naturally wise move. This article will explore ten different ways to achieve your sales goals and engage your consumer base through social media videos.

1. Product Reviews

Most people conduct thorough research on a product or service before purchasing. Much reliable evidence of quality comes from product reviews. Product reviews are informative ways to display the features and functionality of a product. For services, you should talk about benefits and applications.

2. Testimonials

What better way to convince people to invest in your products or services than by hearing success stories directly from the mouths of happy customers? Testimonials are a powerful form of social proof that can make or break a sale. As we touched upon earlier, the savvy consumer of today will always check for online reviews before making a purchase or trying a service. But a more powerful way to convey the same evidence of credibility is by video testimonials. By choosing the right people to vouch for your company and telling relatable and inclusive stories, you could instil enough confidence in a prospective consumer to pull the trigger and make a purchase.

3. Case Studies

Case studies work in a similar way to testimonials but showcase more intimately the journey of a consumer or different types of consumers may take from start to finish when purchasing a product or service from your company. It is a great way to help potential consumers understand the process of a service or how a product works to achieve satisfactory results. Giving an inside look allows viewers to imagine themselves having the same success if they were to make a purchase.

4. Selection Guides

Guides are simple ways to help people make more informed choices for products or services. In these videos, promotion is intertwined with advice for potential consumers.

5. Workshops

Workshops focus on how products and services can be used. Common problems consumers may face could also be addressed during a workshop.

6. Product Testing

Product testing aims to ensure consumers about product performance through demonstrations. Think classic shopping channels and infomercials where sledgehammers are used to prove the indestructibility of a product.

7. Product Comparison

Comparing similar products to the product you are trying to sell is a good way to show that yours is better. Pick direct competitors, famous brands, or products with a much higher price point. By outperforming them, it may be enough to seal the deal for many consumers.

8. Interviews

Interviewing an employee or a consumer is a different angle to convey information about products and services.

9. FAQ Answers

Questions that are not covered in an Interview video but are still frequently asked questions should have answers shot separately for each question. The title of each video should be the question to help search visibility.

10.  Targeted Audience Segments

Sometimes it is a good idea to create separate videos aimed at different target audiences. Each one should address goals, characteristics, and issues specific to that demographic.


It is estimated that more than 3 billion people are currently using social media in 2021. To put that in perspective, that’s roughly half the world’s current population. With figures like that, no business can really afford to miss out on the potential exposure social media could bring.

It only makes smart business sense to leverage social media to further profitability. This is digital marketing at its finest. Through social media, businesses will be able to have a direct line with potential customers. By promoting your products and services and utilizing the capabilities of social media videos, you can rapidly increase brand awareness. This could convert into lucrative sales and an expanded consumer base that you would not have otherwise attained. We hope this list has inspired you to get in front of a camera and sell, sell, sell!