Running a business successfully might seem like a very easy task. However, there is an entire machinery of hidden expenses that is making the business run. Some costs are evident while some are hidden but very vital to the business’s existence.

There are various kinds of costs such as the 0330 number cost in a business. Some costs you can escape, but some you have to cater to. Hidden costs are the costs that one might not out rightly foresee, but they are needed to function, run and perform well.

As mentioned, business is all about trying to balance between your income and your costs. You can’t escape the below mentioned costs, but you can plan them well to have a successful business:

Communication Costs

What might seem like a business phone number to the user, is actually a very cost extensive investment for the business owner. Communication costs are multi-faceted. A business communicates internally and externally. 

From one time extensive installation of communication devices to regular monthly bills upon usage, communication costs are no joke. The 0330 cost extensively reduces the overall communication expenditure of the business.

WeNumber is turning out to be the most coveted virtual number provider offering codes and numeric numbers in a prompt number. If the business seeks the business calling code and number from WeNumber, it can benefit a lot in terms of the overall communication costs.

WeNumber provides a comparative display of all service providers for a particular code. The costs can be assessed and compared. It helps in laying the basic foundation of a sound communication strategy.

So, every successful business analyses its communication requirements and seeks a plan that offers the best solution in this regard. A well informed choice of code and number can create a lot of difference and downward graph of the phone bills attained over time. 

Permits and Licenses

A business does not function in anonymity or solace. Every country, area, region, district has its own set of licensing and permit requirements that need to be adhered to by the businesses by and large. These permits allow the business to cater to the functions they aim to perform.

There are general and basic tax and entity registrations that are very vital for the business’s existence. There are further item and service specific registrations, permits and licenses that are required. Without them, the business cannot function. 

Skipping Penalties and Late Fees

A successful business tries to avoid any penal fee or late fees on its due payments. Therefore, budgeting of expenditure and prioritizing all time bounds renewals or payments is a sound strategy most businesses follow. 

Timely payments and honouring of all debts and interest payments can save a lot of penal payments. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Legal Fees

There are a plethora of legal services that a business needs to take assistance of. As businesses usually lack the legal prowess to apply, renew, register or deregister from the various permits and licenses, often legal services are undertaken for seamless conduct.

Further, attorneys are also hired for assisting the business in any lawsuits or business challenges. 

Professional Fees

Apart from the legal fees, there are also other professional services that the business often takes support of. These professional fees pertain to other taxation, accountancy and compliance related advisory that a business engages in. 

Further, making sure that the liabilities are reduced to a minimum is necessary to properly strategize the finances. Audit fees and other monitoring fees form an essential part of the business’s conduct.


Shrinkage is a terminology used for unavoidable loss of inventory in the process of conduct of business or service. Though, the ideal goal is always to ensure the security of the inventory, but humane or natural errors do arise in the course of business.

Weather compatibility, handling issues, picking errors, theft, etc do occur and account for shrinkage. Despite the goal being to avoid shrinkage, with proper management and dealing of inventory, they can be curbed to a great extent.


A business needs to insure for all its major assets, including machinery, employees, negligence, property, etc. The business’s liability is covered to a great extent with conclusive insurance covers in place. 

For a successful business it is necessary to revisit the insurance coverages overtime and check on the inclusivity. An extensive insurance coverage must be in place for escaping major business setbacks. Therefore, all major assets of the business must be insured. 


Rentals are the fixed hidden costs that need to be met irrespective of the conduct of the business. There are office premises rentals, equipment rentals, machine rentals, etc. that do cost a lot with respect to their materiality.

Sometimes, the cost of equipment is so extensive that renting it seems like a viable option. All major extensive machineries can be obtained on rentals. So, you might or might not be using the office space, but the rental needs to be paid regardless.

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance includes a great chunk of business costs. There are always repair and maintenance requirements in running machinery or an extensively used office space. These costs might be minor but in a consolidated manner, they do account for a lot. 


A business does not function by itself; it functions by employees, staff and workers. The employees need to be paid in monetary terms through salaries. They also need to be paid in non-monetary terms through other perks. 

Salary is the prime motivation to work for many people. Therefore, the salary must be in line with the salary available for a similar role in the industry. The work should be challenging with opportunities to grow and evolve in their functioning. 

Employee retention is an important aspect of a business’s working and a good working environment is important for that. Be it the security, perks, bonuses and other relevant perquisites, employees should feel motivated to work. 

Wrapping Up

There are many aspects to the cost of a business. From running to fixed costs, avoidable to unavoidable costs, hidden or evident costs, they must be undertaken for smooth functioning of the business.

The goal of the business must not be to curtail the expense, but find cheaper alternatives. With proper planning and implementation, the costs can be reduced extensively. For instance, 0330 cost on WeNumber will be much cheaper than other sources. 

So, instead of skipping these hidden costs, they must be implemented in a phased manner. They must be strategized so that these expenses can in turn help the business flourish and succeed. With good planning of these hidden costs, a business can be successful for sure.