Education has transformed tremendously over the last twenty years. School based-learning is still common although more attention is shifting to homeschooling, higher and adult education as well as utilizing the wide range of information that is available on the internet. In the human life, childhood has always been a crucial learning phase.As a matter of fact, we cannot achieve all learning needs of all children, since every child has special learning needs.All the same, we believe that the learning applications described by brainy bro in the following sections will be of much help to your child:

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle App can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store, but if you need its books, you will be required to pay some little money.No one can deny the fact that reading is always a good thing and the ability to read can assist almost every person. Amazon Kindle is a reliable eReader platform with software that can easily be downloaded and used in a mobile handset. In addition, it comprises millions of books that are appropriate for both young and old readership. You can also access and download unlimited eBooks in the public domain needless of paying any dime.

The tools at Amazon Kindle are ideal for youngchildren who are learning how to read. Get your application today and pick a couple of books that will give your children a wonderfullearning experience.Undisputedly, it is among the best learning application for every growing child. In case you do not wish to use Kindle, you can try the reading materials available in Nook of the Google Play.


ClassDojo is available on the Google Play Store for free or at $2.99 depending on the version that you will need. It is among the handful applications on the list that offers a virtual classroom experience for children. The app allows teachers, parents,and learners to interact together.Through it, the teacher can conversewith yourchild’s and get to know their educational challenges or concerns while you can make a follow-upregarding your son’s or daughter’s progress.  Most importantly, your child will get the attention they need and deserve it as far as learning is concerned. Note that, ClassDojo does not replace the classroom environment but serves as a tool for positive communication and reinforcement to help keep all the concerned stakeholders on the same page. The only challenge is finding the teacher who will be willing to use this app. Flashcards

It is an educational app that is available on the Google PlayStore at a subscription of $29.95 a month, $59.85 quarterly or $119.40 annually. It enables the userto design flashcards on any subject,and it is ideal for any learner regardless of the age or educational level. The tool allows for synchronized sharing of information between devices making it possible to access tens of millions of flashcards with or without an internet connection. free version grants the user two folders with each having up to a hundred flashcards. If you need more folders, you can opt for a premium subscription, although it will be relativelyexpensive when compared to the flat-rate plan.


Duolingo is a freeapplication that is available on the Google Play and comes with arange ofin-app purchases. It is among the most appropriate educational programs for kids for learning second languages. It supports several languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Irish, Italian, Danish and Dutch.It is so easy to install and use the app. Furthermore, it has nohidden costs and is up to you to decide and make in-app purchases. According to the developers, it is fun to use the app and spending 34-hours on this application is equivalent to enrolling for a single semester in college.

DragonBox Series

The app is available on the Google Play at the cost of $4.99 or$7.99 depending on what you need.The DragonBox series consists of five educational apps in the form oflearning games that help children learn core math principles.Even thoughall of them deal with numerical problems, there are some of themthat specifically deal with Geometry and Algebra. Math is a challenging task,and as such, it is advisable to start helping your child at a tender stage. You will need to pay for all the apps before you can start using them, however, you will not be expected to make in-app purchases.


Edmodo is entirely free and can easily be downloaded on the Google Play. It is an app that replaces the classroom experience and enables teachers, parents,and students interact more with each other.As opposed to ClassDojo, Edmodo ischaracterized with more educational aspectssince children canengage with their peers, teachers,and parents when completing their homework,uploading documents to the classroom and tracking their performance. It is a wonderful platform that can bring teachers, parent,and children together. However, the only challenge is achieving to bring all parties on board simultaneously.

Google Classroom

This app is also free and can be accessed on the Google Play. It also offers virtual classroom experience,and teachers and parents can interact with children through it. A student can submit assignments, share material and make consultations whenever they need. However, you will still need to have a willing teacher to work with your child.

PBS Kids Video

It is also freely available on the Google Play Store,but it has in-app purchases.PBS tool is renowned for its educational content that is available on Android devices. All the videos are educational,and as such, parents should not worry about leaving their kids watching materials on this application. Furthermore, because most content is fun and cartoon, children will most likely love watching. The app is also an academics goal tracker so those children and their parentswill get an opportunity to fast track the child’s progress in learning. It is among the most censored learning applications.

Pocket Code

The application is totally free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It was developed by a non-profit making agency and primarily designed to help older children learn how t to understand programming. The app teaches children how to program, basic coding logic and how coding works. It may seem sophisticated, but the good thing is that the app employs a visual learning style that children can see what they will be dragging and dropping. If your children enjoy technology, this app can be really intriguing and fascinating to use.

YouTube Kids

You can easily download this app in your phone via the Google Play Store. It can be accessed freely or at a subscription of USD 12.99 a month.YouTube Kids is closely related to the usual YouTube application although is specifically curated for use by budding learners. It contains age-appropriate entertainment clips, educational content and other materials that are deemed suitable for children. At the moment, it is disheartening that the app is not available everywhere. However, you can still get content that is appropriate for your child in the traditional YouTube for as long you dedicate a great deal of effort to such it.The platform is still being enhanced to make it suitable for use by children. It will be good if you can make deliberate attempts to help your kids understand how to utilize YouTube.