The front door, connected to the remote control and collars for dogs. You can open your door to let your dog in with a single click of your remote, or a tap of a button in your smartphone app. Imagine that you have the chance to fortify your home with smart devices to make your life much easier.

Well, today, everything is possible thanks to the Internet of Things.

The connected devices backed by the IoT development have been more significant since early 2020. Back then, researchers predicted that there were about 75 billion connected devices across the globe used by smart folks. But it seems that the growth of the trend has been faster than before.

Even the top software engineering company like ERBIS claimed that many businesses and groups are ready to embrace the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The IoT – Internet of Things definition is pretty much easy to comprehend. It is basically the way to describe everything which is connected to the internet. But the “connected” part is only the beginning.

These connected devices “interact” with each other .The Internet of Things solutions is coming from sophisticated devices from smartphones, tablets, wearable smartwatches, and so on.

If we are looking for the cores of this technology, we can say that it is about the networks, devices, as well as data.

Since the internet is across the world, it is possible to connect the devices so far away from the users. Imagine that you can easily monitor your house CCTV from another country. Or, you can watch your cheating wife at home while you are in another city. And she won’t even know it!

There are a lot of things that can be happening with the help of IoT technology. For whatever reasons, the trends of implementing IoT in various industries have been significantly increasing.

There’s a chance that you want to reach ERBIS to adapt to the IoT platform to improve your productivity as well. Before you do, it is a great idea to get familiar with the popular development tools and technology first.

Microsoft Azure IoT kits

This tool is one of the most renowned solutions out there. It can help the developers to integrate a wide array of services and projects to create such a great one-stop solution.

The integrated resources of this IoT tools kit are amazing, allowing the users to have detailed control.

It can store numerous data for all compatible devices and sensors which can far exceed the conventional device number. Those who are looking for a good quality of automation process cannot go wrong with Microsoft Azure IoT kits. It is also friendlier for beginners. They can try the Sparkfun Thing Dev Kit, Adafruit Feather M0 Kit, or Adafruit Raspberry Pi Kit.


DEVICEHIVE has such a wide array of clients segment not only because of its open-source IoT cloud service platform, but also the top-notch solution in big data analysis. The marvelous tech of this solution can support Python, Java, Node, etc.

It has years of experience in managing the communication services between IoT smart devices. So, it is a green light for those who are looking for mobile app development, cloud development, and other flexible development to improve their services and products.

You could take a look at the DEVICEHIVE official site to see the free resources, advice, as well as support from the active community.


Tessel2 comes with a lot of modules and sensors to ease the developers to create IoT solutions. If your project is full of experimental stuff, this one can help you with it.


FLUTTER is a top choice for those who are focusing on IoT product development. Its powerful tech works well with the remote transmitter, creating a remote solution for over half a mile. The good fact is that there is no switch involved in the tech.


Kinoma uses JavaScript to make the wild ideas come true. The kit has great support in Wifi Integration, touchscreen, mic, speaker, and other mediums. If you are looking for an interactive solution, it can be added to your wishlist.


As the name suggests, the IoT tools focus on fortifying the smart home automation and system. This tool supports the Python programming language. So, the solutions from this tool must be written in Python language.

HOME ASSISTANT is an open-source tool, which is great news for most folks. THe users can control the system through their browsers and mobile devices. The only improvement they have to make is to procure the cloud system.


As described by the company’s representative, their focus is on Business INtelligence and cloud integration. The kit offers great facilities for developers to create powerful and effective IoT apps. If you are willing to use a virtual private cloud to run the app, then DEVICE HUB can be a great solution for you. This kit is popularly known for creating vending machines and other public solutions in many countries.


This company focuses on developing micro-controller in boards.  It is a popular choice amongst both beginners to expert developers because of its futuristic kits and materials.

If you are not expecting too many flaws, ARDUINO IoT tech might be a great solution for you. They already have a mature platform to collaborate with different systems. They present kits which are easy for beginners to intermediate developers and clients.


If you have ever heard about mini PC Raspberry Pi, then you should be able to recognize this. RASPIAN is the genius behind the Raspberry Pi board.

Their kits come with pre-installed software and crystal clear documentation of the easy installation. It is definitely one of the most pivotal development tools that must have. They often come with new updates for the maximum perks enjoyed by the client.


OPEN SCADA is an IoT tool under the umbrella of the Eclipse group. OPEN SCADA has such distinctive pools of users because of its modern design that supports front-end, back-end, apps, libraries, as well as config tools. It is also compatible with a wide array of programming languages to tailor the solutions for specific clients.

 This tech helps the developers to create effective solutions to connect different devices. In the long run, remote commands can be a new normal. Consider checking out the tools above to create the best IoT app for your part.