Funnel Trax Review – Bonuses worth 100k Inside!

Have you ever gave a thought of creating tracking campaigns online? If yes and still you are searching for a system, then we would like to recommend you with Funnel Trax system which is one of the best and easiest tracking system that helps in creating simple as well as advanced tracking campaigns in few single clicks.

Overview of Funnel Trax

  • Funnel Trax is the product name and created by Thompson
  • It will be launched on 12th March 2015 with a price ranging from $37 to $47


What is Funnel Trax?

About 75% of the marketers even don’t have any idea about the own business metrics and even they are into dark because they don’t even know what is actually going on. If you are the one of those marketers or just want to simplify everything about your marketing campaigns, then Funnel Trax is the best solution.

Benefits of Funnel Trax

It takes around just 30 seconds to get a full control over the marketing and gives deep understanding about the campaigns which need to ramp up or throw away or tweak.

  • Funnel Tracking
  • Simple as well as advanced link
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Cloaking of the affiliate links
  • Tracking of the external pixel
  • Tracking of the retargeting pixel

You can even identify the winning campaigns as well as scale and refine those campaigns as well.

How Funnel Trax can help?

Funnel Trax features infinite email marketing services as well as payment gateways, affiliate programs or platforms and makes the life of a person easier as it helps in managing all the campaigns at one place with a simple and decent interface. Tracking services associated with similar link charges from $100 to $250 per month along with half features. It does offer one-time investment so grab it now.

Who should buy Funnel Trax?

This tracking software is suitable for online businesses, affiliate marketing, online sales, internet marketing as well as for those who really want to earn money by working online.

When to buy Funnel Trax?

It will be released on 12th March 2015 but people can buy the same anytime. Buying at the pre-launch period will just costs you $37 within 3 days and will subsequently increase the price to $67 or $197. If you miss the pre-launch time, you might end up paying more after.

The reason for Funnel Trax review is not about its benefits and offerings but even to help you in saving your money.


It is just awesome and worth-to-invert software which is helpful for various social purposes. If you really don’t want to waste your cash, then buy it now. We would recommend you to buy this product at the lowest price.