Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2017– Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Exercising is vital for living a healthy life, but there are some inconveniences such as gym prices, finding time, and knowing which machines to use. There is, as always, a solution to these problems, and the solution is to purchase a machine for your home. No matter what part of your body you wish to target, a rowing machine is sure to train you all around and work wonders for your cardiovascular system as well as focus on many of your muscle groups. There is no doubt that the rowing machine is definitely a great investment for both your time and your health as it is designed to strengthen your whole body and build your endurance while adding a bit of cardio into your life which is why we have come up with an exhausting list which will help you to find the best rowing machine for your needs.

rowing machine

Model nameTypeProduct WeightCapacityDigital DisplayPreset-WorkoutsDimensions Warranty
Concept 2 Model DAir57 lbs500 lbsYesYes96" x 24" x 28"Frame - 5 Years
Parts - 2 Years
Kettler Favorit Rowing MachineHydraulic52 lbs285 lbsYesYes49" x 31" x 10"Frame - LifeTime
Parts - 3 Years
Stamina Body Trac Glider
Hydraulic39 lbs250 lbsYesNo58" x 42" x 18"Frame - 1 Year
Parts - 90 Days
WaterRower Natural Rowing MachineWater117 lbs1000 lbsYesYes84" x 21" x 22"Frame - 5 Years
Parts - 3 Years

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine – Best Rowing Machine to buy in 2017

Our Team reached out to the word champion in Rowing, Kim Brennan who just won a Gold Model in the 2016 Olympics and this is what she had to say

When I was a young buck, staying fit was the least of my concerns. I used to be a natural athlete, playing multiple sports at the varsity level and consequently had a very lean frame. However, the demands of a career as an IT professional led to a sedentary nine to five lifestyle and it seemed as if all of a sudden someone stuck a paunch on my body while I was not looking. I decided that enough was enough and I had to do something about this. However, my long commute did not leave much time for a gym membership; hence I needed a solution that would let me exercise in the privacy of my own living room. This is when I stumbled upon the Concept2 Model D and I have not looked back since!

As a highly competitive athlete, I really find the preset programs that are built into gym machines very helpful, and seeing as how the Model D Concept 2 Rowing Machine has that, as well as a monitoring system that keeps track of calories burned and distance completed, it is definitely an ideal machine for me. It is important to me that I try to push myself to beat my last workout records. I’m also a big believer in connecting my machines to my computer in order to save those records.


Really, this rower is a great investment for anyone looking for a serious workout. I wouldn’t spend the money on it unless I planned to use it routinely and for intense exercising, but if you do want a hard workout, it’s good to know that this model can endure tough and continuous use which is exactly what I need. It also comes apart into two pieces, so it can be stored away!

Why Concept2?


I adore my Concept2 and once you own it, you will too! Discussing all the awesome features in great detail is beyond the scope of this review, however I will try to do it justice by keeping this as brief as possible:

The leading brand in the industry: Concept2 is the industry leader in rowing equipment. If you have been searching the internet looking for a proper solution for any amount of time, you know that the Concept2 is the brand that all other rowing equipment is compared against. Head down to any reputed gym and go to the cardio section and check the logo on the best rowing machine; chances are that it will be a Concept2! So why settle for a pretender when you can get yourself the best product at such a reasonable price?


Ideal for home use: Concept2 uses a flywheel design. This means that your reps on the Concept2 are going to be incredibly smooth, which practically eliminates any chance of an injury. Also since your workout is your own burden, why bother the rest of your family? With the Concept2, you won’t be disturbing the peace in your household as the flywheel design almost eliminates all noise! No one will realize you are working out unless they can actually see you! The footrest is adjustable and the handle is ergonomically designed, which means that any fatigue you feel will only be caused by the intensity of the workout and not by a poorly designed product.

Easy to assemble: The package that arrived at my doorstop was a little bulky at 60 lbs. However, the components inside were intuitively arranged. All the tools I needed to put it together were already inside the package. It took only ten minutes to set it up and trust me when I say this; I am not that big into DIY projects.

Monitor your workout: The Concept2 comes with the now updated Performance Monitor 5, which is the most scientific workout tracker that is available in home exercise equipments. You can check the impact of every single row! It might not be completely necessary, but I find it incredibly cool nonetheless!


Sturdy and portable: The frame can handle up to 500 pounds and comes with a 5 year warranty. Once you are done with your workout, you can easily take it apart into two and store them underneath your bed!

If you really twist my arm, I will have to say that a slightly higher price point is about the only negative feature that I can think about the Concept2. However, it is my personal opinion that considering the overall quality of the product and the immense benefit it has provided towards my health and well-being that the price is well worth it!

Pros and Cons

  1. No. 1 and the most trusted brand in the rowing industry and recommended by quite a lot of experts
  1. Fan is a bit noisy



2. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Review

waterrow natural


There is nothing I like better than the natural look of wood. I find metal machines too clinical and cold. The Waterrow Natural looks very nice and feels even nicer. It is a water resistant type of rower, so I get the advantage of an on-the-water simulation. I prefer feeling like I am on the water, pulling harder and getting that challenge of increased resistance without rattling on a wobbly seat.

Thankfully it is quiet and smooth so that I can imagine myself on a settled river while feeling my arms burn with the resistance. I also have children, so my workouts tend to be at night when they are asleep. If I had a loud machine, the use of my machine would be very limited. With small children, I can’t leave the house, and having a rower that both burns calories quickly and can be set up in my home without taking up a whole room makes a huge difference in my life. I can store it up against the wall when I am done with it and easily set it up when I want it.

Detail Review : 

While doing some spring cleaning I found my favorite pair of jeans from my college days. I could not wait to try it back on. I huffed and I puffed but no matter what, I just couldn’t get it to button. That’s when the sad reality of my every growing paunch finally hit me. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to do something about it. Due to career and family commitments, a gym membership was just not for me, so I needed something that would help me from the privacy of my own home. While shopping, I had to be careful because if I purchased something that would clash with the home décor a little too much, then the old missus would have my head on a platter. This is when I came across the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine; the answer to all my health and fitness woes.

Rowing as a workout

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine brought the class of a home décor article and the health benefits of rowing to my living room. You may have noticed boutique rowing studios mushrooming all around the typical yuppie joints in your city. Well there is a method behind this madness; besides swimming, rowing is probably the most efficient and comprehensive modes of exercise out there. This is because rowing practically works every muscle of your body and allows you to increase your stamina, burn fat and tone your muscles. Thanks to the WaterRower, I lost 10 lbs in about 6 weeks!

Got it, rowing works! But why WaterRower?

I am absolutely in love with my WaterRower. I can ramble on about the object of my obsession for hours on end till your eyes water; instead I am going to do everyone a favor and list some of its many advantages as briefly as humanly possible:

Handcrafted with an Ash Wood finish: I mean look at it, it’s absolutely gorgeous! The ash wood finish brings a rustic ‘Americana’ feel to this modern, cutting edge exercise equipment.


Feels just like actual rowing: If you have ever been involved with regatta in your life, you know that nothing can ever truly replicate the real thing. You will also appreciate that the water flywheel that forms the soul of the WaterRower ensures that this is the closest one can get to the actual thing from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The handcrafted flywheel ensures a smooth motion, so it would never adversely affect your back or your joints.

Quiet and relaxing: The flywheel is enclosed in a water tank. This means that there are no mechanical noises while you are working out, just the sound of rushing water. I not only find it soothing, but I think it’s quite apt considering the nature of the workout.

Tracks your workout: It shows all the regular metrics like intensity, stroke rate, heart rate etc. so that you can stay right on top of your fitness goals!

Takes up minimal amount of space: I store it standing up and it takes up about as much space as a regular chair. The ash wood finish helps it blend in with the rest of the furniture.

If you hold a gun to my head, I will have to say that a slightly higher price point is about the only negative feature of the WaterRower that I can think of. However, I personally cannot put a price on my health and well-being  and I truly believe that the WaterRower is well worth the investment.

3. Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine – [My Top Pick Under $500]

The one thing I always look at first when buying gym equipment is how affordable it is and the Kettler Favorit is definitely in my income range. I try to avoid using my legs too much when working out as I am prone to injuries, but I still want that great cardio workout which is why the Kettler is perfect. I can still workout my arms and core and get my heart rate going without having to drive with my legs.


I’m a bit older now, so pushing myself too hard against an increasing resistance really isn’t my thing anymore. Having a consistent resistance and pace that I’m comfortable with is what I need and the Kettler gives me that. It’s important at my age that I keep track of my heart rate and keep it healthy without overdoing it. This rower has an earlobe clip that measures my heart rate for me which is a great feature in my opinion.

Full Review :

If you’re looking to keep in shape, a rowing machine is an excellent investment. Providing both strength and aerobic benefits, these machines can help to improve your overall fitness. There are many different machines available and the Kettler Favourite Rowing Machine is considered one of the best. Packed with plenty of great features, you’re guaranteed a fantastic effective workout from the comfort of your own home.

Features and specifications


Before deciding whether to buy a rowing machine, it’s important to take a look at the features. The Kettler Favorit has quite a few impressive features including:

An ergonomic seat: Designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Making sure the seat is comfortable is one of the main factors you should look into. After all, if it isn’t comfortable you won’t want to use it; especially for long periods at a time.

Training computer: One of the most advanced features of the Kettler Favorit is its useful training computer. This provides information on the number of oar strokes, time measurement and the speed of your strokes. It enables you to set yourself goals to work towards as you become fitter.

250 pound weight restriction: Due to its sturdy design, this rowing machine can accommodate up to 250 pounds in weight.kettler-favorit-rowing-machine

Adjustable tilt: Choose how difficult you want to make the workout by adjusting the tilt of the machine. It ranges from flat to a 45 degree angle.

2 Hydraulic cylinders: You are guaranteed excellent, seamless resistance thanks to the high quality hydraulic cylinders included.

Pivoting footplates: Your feet can suffer when using a rowing machine if they aren’t properly protected. That’s why Kettler has included pivoting footplates. You can ensure your feet are in the best position and that your ankles are protected.

Heartbeat monitor: Along with the machine, you’ll also receive a free ear lobe clip which is used to measure your heart rate. It does this electronically.

Pros and Cons

There are numerous pros and cons with this machine, but overall it is an excellent addition to your home gym. It is very simple to put together providing you follow the instructions carefully. The seat comes with a heavy duty cover which means it won’t easily tear or get worn down. The rowing motion itself when you use the machine is smooth thanks to the hydraulic cylinders. It is excellent for providing an overall good workout.

So what are the downsides? Well there’s been some complaints about just how sturdy the machine is. However, there is also confusion regarding the instructions so a lot of problems could be put down to the machine being assembled wrong. If you plan on using it on a wooden floor then it would be a good idea to invest in a mat. If you don’t you could find that the machine slides backwards as you use it.

Overall the Kettler Favorit rowing machine is great value for money and contains plenty of useful features. If you’re looking to give your body a general full-body workout then this is definitely one of the best machines to consider.

4. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine – Best Rowing Machine if You Are on a Budget

This is a great machine for a great price. It might be small but it packs a powerful punch! When I’m in the mood to get a good workout in, I just pull out the rower, glide away with a constant resistance, and then fold it back up and store it away. It’s as easy as that. I can burn off my goal amount of calories and adjust the resistance if the mood strikes me to burn a bit more calories than usual.

stamina body trac glider

The smooth gliding with the hydraulic cylinder resistance arms is also a star feature of the Stamina Body Glider. It looks sleek, it’s as smooth as water, and the seat is comfortably cushioned. I can’t deny that this rower is probably not as fancy as the more expensive ones, but it gets the job done and it packs up with no problem. For me, it’s exactly what I would be looking for in a rower.

Everybody is different and needs or wants different exercise regimes in their lives. Rowing machines can fit into anyone’s regime as there are so many types to choose from that are suitable for various levels of exercise. If you want to keep your heart and body healthy, then a rowing machine could be the answer to your problems. Working out and staying healthy keeps your mind heathy as well, so whether you want to be sweating bullets, feeling a slight burn, or simply raising your heartrate, a rowing machine is a good choice for you. From the pricey but efficient to the affordable and basic, there is a machine that suits your wallet. It’s just a matter of matching the price with your needs. Once you’ve done that, you will find that using your brand new rowing machine will help your heart and health run a lot more smoothly.

Full review :

Growing up I was never the fittest or the fastest, but no one ever accused me of being overweight, not even during my awkward pre and post puberty years when kids can be especially cruel. However, the situation has been getting progressively worse, until it reached a point where I could not ignore my flabby thighs and my protruding belly any longer. But I was caught between a rock and a hard place; on one hand my schedule did not leave any time for a gym membership, on the other hand, being a solde provider for a wife and two kids, I did not really have the budget to splurge on a swanky piece of home exercise equipment. This is when I came across Body Trac Glider 1050 and it is been one of the smartest purchases I have made till date!

Wait a minute, why Rowing?

I have been getting on in my years and I needed an exercise regimen that did not have an adverse effect on my well-being. Fitness experts say that if done right with proper equipment, such as the Body Trac Glider 1050, rowing does not put any stress on your back and joints, yet exercises almost every muscle in your body. It burns fat, builds stamina and tones your muscles and a thirty minute workout deveryday usually produces discernible results. The myriad of boutique rowing studios cropping up all of over the city seemed to justify my findings!

Why I recommend the Body Trac Glider 1050



The market is flooded with a mind-boggling number of options when it comes to search for best rowing machines, all with its own unique merits and demerits. I will now try to concisely summarize why I decided to go with the Body Trac Glider 1050:

Affordable: Seriously, just take a long and hard look at the price. There aren’t too many options in the market (that actually works) in that price range.

Sturdy: Solid steel frame! Has been handling my 6’3” 180 lb frame (don’t ask me what my weight was before I started using it) without a hinge for over six months now!


Compact: Fits easily under the bed. No chance of my kids tripping over it when it’s not in use!

Adjustable tension: Easy to make the tweaks till you find the ideal resistance for a refreshing burn in your muscles.

Easy to assemble: The kit is packaged intuitively. I am not particularly too keen on the DYI projects, but even then I was still able to put it together in less than thirty minutes.

So, what’s the catch?

Nothing in the world is perfect and there are a few things that the makers of this product could do better:

Seat needs a little padding: I would’ve been more than happy to shell out a few extra bucks for just a little more comfort.

A little noisy at the start: The unit is a little creaky when you start using it, but it goes a lot smoother once you get into a rhythm.

The Verdict

The Body Trac Glider 1050 works for me. It provides me with a reliable and safe workout at a price no one else can compete with. I believe you will not be disappointed should you decide to make this investment on your health and well-being.

5.ProRower H2O RX-750 Review


The benefits of rowing are now almost common knowledge for the general public. Some say that it is the most of comprehensive and efficient modes of exercise out there. Regular sessions on a proper rowing machine helps people burn calories, increase stamina and tone almost every muscle of the body. That is why the market almost seems to be flooded with options when it comes to rowing machines. Out of the lot, I believe the ProRower H20 RX-750 is a stand-out piece of equipment. Following are the reasons why.


Easy to assemble: Most people who have bought this equipment say that this is one of the easiest DYI assemblies that they have ever done. The instruction booklet is clear and most of them are able to get the RX-750 up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Simulates actual rowing: The soul of this machine is its polycarbonate water tank. So when people use it, they are not pleasantly surprised the lack of ‘creakiness’ that is almost inherent to all home exercise equipments, the smooth motion from its internal paddle system and the gently ‘swish’ that accompanies every rep mimics the feel of actual rowing. Also the water acts as a natural resistance instead of users having to do disruptive mechanical adjustments. So if you need to increase the intensity, all you need to do is row faster and vice versa.

Wide display: The display is wide and the stats are easily discernible even when you are deep into your repetitions. You can easily track your workout by the amount of calories burned, distance covered, etc.

Comfortable handgrips and footrests: The handgrips are ergonomically designed and the footrest can be adjusted easily. This allows you to focus on your workout as an injury caused by poor design is eliminated by default.

Solid frame: The frame is so sturdy that the manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on it! Speaking of warranties, the tank and seals come with a three year warranty and there is a two year warranty on all the other mechanical parts.



Takes up space: The RX-750 folds and stores upright, which means that you need to make space for it in your closet. Also the steel frame will probably clash with your home décor.

Lack of durability on some of the straps: Some customers have complained that the bungee cord (the one that you pull during rowing) can snap before the warranty is over. However, it seems as if the company comes good on the warranty every single time!


The fact that the challenges are not that challenging goes to show that the RX-750 is a dependable product. If you are looking to get in shape without breaking the bank, then RX-750 is highly recommended!

6. Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

I have been trying to teach my kids the virtue of a healthy lifestyle. However, it is hard to be credible if you were as horribly out of shape as I was a few months ago. But a nine to six desk job preceded and followed by a two hour commute does not exactly leave a lot of room for a gym membership. I needed an effective workout regimen that I could partake in from the comfort and privacy of my own home. Also it would need to be supported by equipment that would not break the bank. This is when I came across the Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower and I have not looked back since!


Why Rowing?

I have been getting on in my years and the last thing I needed was a sports injury resulting from some misguided zeal. In a way, rowing is perfect because if done properly with the right equipment such as my Avari, rowing does not have any negative impact on your back or your joints. Also it is the most efficient workout regimen you could possibly have because it exercises almost every major muscle in your body. This single workout tones and builds your muscles, burns fat and increases your stamina. If you have ever been wondering why so many boutique rowing studios have been cropping up all over your fair city, well now you are in the know!


Why the Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

Yes I agree that the name does not exactly roll out smoothly from your tongue, however the Avari stands out in a space that is flooded with options. I am going to try to quickly summarize why the Avari stood for me among a myriad of different options:

Stylish: The Avari is beautifully designed. If you like that way the equipment looks, there is a far greater chance that you will actually use it rather than hide it in the closet where it will gather dust for the rest of its foreseeable future.

Preset Programs with User Customization: If you know what you are doing, you can easily customize and create your own options. If not, it already comes with 7 pre-programmed workouts, allowing you to find your own fit. If you have never rowed before, just use the manual option to get in the groove!


Easy to assemble: All the major components come pre-installed. All you have to do is read the instructions and put it together. My Avari was good to go in about 15 minutes!

LCD backlit monitor: Getting real-time updates of your achievements is a great motivation to keep going and finishing your reps for the day. The Avari displays all the essential stats like calories burned, time on the machine, distance covered, strokes per minute etc to keep you going!

Make changes on the fly: While working with presets, sometime the resistance is greater or less than what you have been expecting. The In Touch Fitness Monitor allows you to tweak workout times and resistance without disrupting your experience!

The price-point of the Avari falls right in the middle when it comes to the overall spectrum of various rowing machines. That being said you get a much higher value than what you pay for and I would happily recommend this to all my friends and acquaintances

7. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

My wife has been teasing me for a while now after I had put on a little weight. It’s not that I am a typical couch potato who chugs his beer and yells at the television screen all day. But I have a sedentary nine to six desk job with a long-ish commute so it does not really leave a lot of time to hit the gym. Also we have been saving for a new house, so I did not really fancy splurging on an expensive piece of home exercise equipment. That is when I came across the Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine.


Why did I decide to go with Rowing?

If done properly with the right equipment such as the Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine, rowing is one of the most efficient, yet safest modes of exercise you could ever partake in. It is easy on your back and your joints; hence you will never face the ignominy of suffering from a sports injury while trying to get in shape. Regular reps on the Sunny lets you tone all your muscles, helps you lose weight and increase your stamina by gradually improving your cardio-vascular system.

Why Sunny?

Affordable: The price is clearly visible for the whole world to see, yet you get a lot more than you pay for. Keep reading to find out why I say that!

Easy to install: The people at Sunny take great pride in their product and it shows in the packaging. Most of the machine comes pre-installed and making the whole thing operational just takes a few minor tweaks that I was able to accomplish in minutes.

Multiple levels of resistance: The Sunny allows you to choose among twelve levels of resistance, helping you find just the right amount of burn. This is actually more comprehensive than what is offered by some of the more expensive rowing equipments in the space!

Track your workout: Easy to read electronic display lets you track all the major stats like calories burned, distance travelled, time of the workout, etc.

Comfortable: The foot straps are adjustable and the seat slides smoothly so you can stay fully focused on your workout.

Light and sturdy: It is incredibly light, around 20 lbs and if challenged, I could carry it with one hand! On the other hand, it is also surprisingly sturdy. I have been using it for several months now and I do not foresee it breaking down anytime in the near future.

Easy storage: It fold flat, thus allows be to hide it under the bed when it’s not in use.

I have read some reviews where people have complained that a few parts fell off or a strap came loose, but I personally am yet to face any such issues. The same people have said that Sunny’s customer service team has been very helpful and replaced the faulty parts without any hassle. This goes to show that if I do have such misfortune anytime in the future then I will be well taken care of. My final verdict is that you will never find a better quality product at this price and the Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing machine is an ideal way to start or continue your journey towards fitness!

8. Stamina Air Rower Review

I was embarrassed about my weight up until a few of months ago. However, since I am incredibly shy in public places, I could not bring myself to go to the gym and work out in front of others. I needed a workout regimen that I could carry out in the privacy of my own house with equipment that would not drain my modest savings. While doing some research I came across the Stamina Air Rower and I have not looked back since!


How does Rowing Help?

I have been seeing boutique rowing studios cropping up all over the city and thought there has to be some method behind this madness. That is when I found out that if done properly with the right equipment such as the Stamina Air Rower, rowing is one of the safest, yet the most effective and efficient workouts out there. Rowing lets you work up a sweat by exercising almost every muscle of your body. It helps you burn fat as well as increase your stamina, while making sure that you do not hurt your back or your joints.

Why the Stamina Air Rower?

Value for money: Although there could be a few options in the market that are cheaper than the Stamina Air Rower, if you start comparing features that the Stamina Air Rower is cheaper than almost all of its competitors.

Check your stats as your row: The multi-function performance monitor lets you track all the vital stats such as speed, distance, calories burned and time spent on the workout. Makes sure that you stay on track for your goal!


Smooth and vigorous experience: The Stamina works on wind resistance, this ensures that you have a vigorous, yet smooth exercise. Also the seat is padded, upholstered and engineered to slide smoothly. Also the grips are textured to keep your hands stable and comfortable. All of this allows you to focus on getting in better shape rather than worrying about potential sports injuries.

Easy portability and storage: The in-built wheels allow the Stamina to be moved from to storage space to the exercise area pretty smoothly. Also the floor protectors ensure that the machine does not skid during exercise.

Easy to assemble: Most of the major components come pre-installed and requires only minor assembly that can be accomplished within minutes.

Sturdy and durable frame: The frame is sturdy and durable and can handle up to 250 lbs. The manufacturers are so confident about it that they offer a three year warranty on the same. It’s not just the frame that is durable however; the rowing strap is made of nylon so it will not snap anytime soon. But still, rare manufacturing defects may occur; hence they insure all of the other parts for ninety days as well!

Large foot plates: The foot plates are large enough to accommodate the feet of almost any user!

The Verdict

The Stamina Air Rower is safe, durable and gives me very efficient workout that helped me lose over 10 lbs in less than two months. It is priced moderately enough and is well worth the investment for my well-being. If you are in the market for an at-home rowing machine, then I strongly believe that you can stop shopping for alternatives.

9. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Review

Back in my high school and college days, I was part of the regatta team and loved every minute of it. Besides the competitive thrill, it also provided me with a great mode of exercise. I graduated college in 2007 and since then my fitness had taken a turn for the worse, till I really saw myself in the mirror one day and decided that it is high time I did something about it. I have noticed the rowing studios that have been cropping up all over every major city, but being a travelling consultant, a gym membership would just be a waste of money. With some research, I came across the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower and have not looked back since!

Rowing as a form of exercise

I have firsthand experience of how great an exercise rowing actually is. I have never been in as great a shape as in my college regatta years because rowing exercises almost each and every major muscle in your body, thus toning them in the process and also allows you to build your stamina and improves your cardiovascular system. Rowing allows you to have more energy for even your most mundane day to day tasks.

Why I decided to go with the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

I researched online for a few days before deciding on the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower. That is because:

DMC Resistance System: Velocity has a Drum Magnetic Control (DMC) resistance system. This is the preferred mode of resistance in almost all mid to high end rowing equipment for home usage. It guarantees a smooth yet effective delivery of resistance, allowing you to get an invigorating exercise without putting back or your joints at risk.

Practically noiseless: The seat glide is smooth like butter and slide whir that the drum makes at every pull is like a loud whisper, hence my workout does not disturb the rest of my family.


Easy to assemble: Most of the major components come pre-assembled and putting the whole thing together is an absolute breeze. I am not that great at DYI projects and even I took care of it in less than thirty minutes.

Wide variety of workout options: The Velocity comes with six pre-programmed workouts. Besides that there is a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want to program your workouts. For example, I can set my resistance at a particular level and have at it, set target calories, time or distance and work towards that. I can also put on the heart rate monitor to ensure that I work at my target heart rate. The comprehensive display of workout statistics is one of its most impressive features allowing you make your workout experience as simple or as advanced as you want it to be.

Easy storage: Folds and slips into my closed without a fuss!


The market is practically flooded with options if you are looking for a rower for home use. We are all aware that there are far cheaper options out there as well; however it is my opinion that the Velocity Magnetic Rower is well worth the investment because of the wide variety of exercise programs, easy storage and safety features.

10. Stamina 1215 Orbital Review


With rowing machines becoming more and more popular as a method of doing physical exercise, I decided to give one a try. As such, I decided to purchase the Stamina 1215 Orbital rowing machine. This model is a mid-ranged priced apparatus, offering full range-of-motion which does a great job at mimicking rowing on the water.


The first thing that I’ve come to appreciate about it is how little space it occupied. When assembled, it measures at 48 inches long, 32 inches wide and 28 inches in height, making it great to have if there isn’t much room you can spare in your workout area. Also, weighing a little over 50 pounds and measuring 48 inches in length, 45.5 inches in width and 10 inches in height when folded makes it very easy to store and handle.

Even though it’s a very compact machine, it offers full range functionality. You can easily adjust the intensity of your workout through the beam incline, making it an appropriate machine for both beginners and more experienced users as well. One other thing that I’ve come to appreciate about this model is how comfortable it is to use. The thick padded seat and the pivoting foot plates put you in a very natural position for the workout.

Because it uses a hydraulic system as resistance, it allows for a series of advantages like adjustable resistance, and because of the way it’s built, you get full range of motion which I’ve found to be very similar to actual rowing. Also, because it has foam grips for the hand, I found it very easy to workout for extended periods of time without having my hands feel too uncomfortable.


The multifunction monitor is also a very good asset. Because it has only one button, I’ve found it very intuitive and easy to use. The monitor shows the following aspects of the workout:




Row count

Calories burned

Miles rowed

Overall Experience


In my experience with using this feature, it allowed me to track my progress very easily, and as such it was very easy to get motivated, making it great if you’re looking to improve your health through physical exercise.


Quality wise, I’m more than certain that this machine will pass the test of time. The frame is made of precision extruded aluminium beams, making it very sturdy in use. As proof of the quality of the machine, all the features are very smooth and easy to use, showing that it is indeed a product made with great detail in mind. And to top that off, you are also offered 5 years of warranty for the frame and 90 days for the parts.


In conclusion, I’m very satisfied with the Stamina 1215 Orbital rowing machine. Taking into consideration how important it is for everyone to do daily physical exercise, this apparatus offers all the features necessary for someone to do fitness in a way that doesn’t put unnecessary stress on the body. The workout is as intense as you want it to be, it uses all the major muscle groups, and it is very easy to keep track of your progress. It is a high quality product that offers great value for it’s price, and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested.

11. LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine Review


I used to be a super star double-athlete in high school, but unfortunately that was a decade and a half ago and life has caught up with me. With a full time desk job and family commitments, staying in shape has been the least of my priorities. Going to the gym are for celebrities, professional athletes, bored house-wives and kids living on a trust fund, not a working drone like yours truly! At least that is what I have been telling myself, until I came across this highly affordable rowing machine that has literally turned my life around.

The Product and the Workout

The LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine brings you the health benefits of rowing to the privacy of your living room. If you have been seeing boutique rowing studios cropping up in all the ‘hip’ locations for the ‘in’ crowd, it is because it might be the most efficient modes of exercise out there. If you are trying to get rid of that unwanted unwelcome flab, rowing is the way to go because regular thirty minute reps on your LifeSpan Rowing Machine can help build and tone your muscles, strengthens your cardiovascular function (burn fat) and increases your stamina. If you are slightly on the older side, then this might just be the ideal workout for you because it practically places zero stress on your back and joints, provided you have the right equipment, such as the RW1000.

I am sold on the workout — but why LifeSpan’s RW1000?


To discuss all the technical merits of this amazing piece of equipment is beyond the scope of this article; however, I will try to do justice to it by summarizing it in the following points:

Easy to assemble: I was able to put it together in about 20 minutes. The description was thorough and the tricky parts (like the pulley mechanism) came pre-assembled. All I had to do was attach the bars and the seat and I was good to go!

Smooth and Quiet: Rowing does not hurt your back if the drive system is smooth and boy is the RW 1000 smooth! Initially, I could not believe that I was actually working out, till I was about three minutes into the workout when I started feeling that good burn that I have missed all these years. Also the flywheel is so quiet that my wife did not realize I was keeping my new year’s resolution, until she started hearing my grunts.

Compact yet solid: The frame is made of solid steel, so I am sure it will last me a long while. Also it folds up to about a third of its size so it easily fits in my closet when it is not in use.

Lets you track your workout: The three LCD control allows me to see the distance I have covered, the calories I have burned, time spent on the machine and so on. Allows me to see the fruits of my labor while I sweat!

Reputed company and an award winning product: This is manufactured by PCE Health and Fitness. They started out of Park City, UT in 1994, but now they sell their equipment all over North America. Also the RW1000 won the Seal of Excellence from Gear Awards.

So in conclusion, if you are on a tight budget, don’t have the time for a gym membership but would like to get in better shape, you cannot go wrong with LifeSpan’s RW1000. Please feel free to share your experience with me!

What is a Rowing Machine and Which is the Right Choice for Me?

The concept of using rowing machines to train and build the body can be linked all the way back to ancient Athens when oarsmen used the first ever rowing machines to prepare them for propelling ships. Years later, sports coaches began applying this concept to their players’ training sessions so that the players could enhance their power and endurance. Don’t worry if you’re not an athlete as they can be used by anyone.

rowing machine form

Like many workout machines, the rowing machine has an adjustable resistance level so that you can increase or decrease the resistance to whatever amount you want. Increasing the resistance will make the workout more difficult and really advance the cardio. Essentially, a rowing machine is designed with an energy damper, foot stretchers, handles, a seat, and a flywheel. The energy damper allows more or less of an airflow into the flywheel depending upon your preference. The flywheel is what spins when you begin the rowing motion. If the energy damper is set high, then it will take more strength to pull the next stroke. If it is set low, then it will be easier for you the make the flywheel spin. The foot stretchers are where your feet rest while you row and are attached to the same rail that the seat is attached to. The settings for these two components can vary as the seat and foot stretchers can slide or remained fixed in place.

Fun Fact : Did you know an average session on rowing machine uses 84% of your muscles?

Knowing which machine is best for you makes a massive difference in your progression. It really depends on the kind of workout you’re looking for. If you would like a rowing experience that closely resembles being on the water, then the water resistant machine is best for you. If you want a more limited workout that focuses on your arms, then look into a piston resistant machine. The air resistant and water resistant machines both offer an increased resistance when you pull harder, while the magnetic resistant machine keeps a constant resistance. When the resistance increases with how hard you pull, the workout becomes more challenging as it is difficult to continue pulling hard. Keeping a constant resistance, like the air resistant machine allows, helps you to keep a steady pace. Really, the type of machine that you need depends on the type of workout you want to get.

Rowing as a workout

While I was doing some research about home workouts, I saw that rowing was the most comprehensive workout regimen out there. It works almost all the muscles in your body, hence toning them in the process while helping you burn fat and increasing your stamina. It is also completely safe for your back and joints, hence there is no chance of you getting an ironic sports injury while you are trying to get in shape! Thanks to the my rowing machine, I have lost 15 lbs in only 8 weeks!

Types of Rowing Machines

Before choosing a machine, it’s important to know what kind of machine would work best for you. There are a handful of types to choose from such as the piston resistant rowers and the magnetic resistant flywheels, air resistant flywheels, and the water resistant flywheels. The latter three machines fall under the braked flywheels resistance category as they all contain some form of a handle connection to the flywheel in order to offer you resistance during the rowing motion. The only thing that sets the three apart is the braking mechanism that generates resistance. Chances are that all three braked flywheels will have the sliding seat feature that gives you the feeling of being in a boat on the water.

Hydraulic Resistance – If you are looking for a more affordable type of rower, then the piston resistant machine might be the best choice for you. They tend to be more compact due to the common characteristics of a limited range of motion and a fixed seat. The handlebars are connected to hydraulic pistons that are usually adjustable and provide resistance during your workout. While most rowing machines work your legs, arms, back, and core, the piston resistant machine mostly focuses on your arms and takes away from the feeling of being on water.

Magnetic Resistance – One of the biggest features that people find helpful and is a key component of the magnetic resistant machines is a digital display that shows you the progress you are making in various areas such as your heartrate, calories, and distance. This makes it easier for you to keep track of whether you need to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout. The magnetic resistent machine uses elecrotromagnets that provide an adjustable resistance that makes the rowing motion smoother and more quiet. This smoothness might emulate the on-water rowing, but because the resistance remains constant, the altering resistance that rowing on water would have is not available on this machine. It is also not usually a fold up machine, so your home would need to have plenty of room for it.

Air Resistance – A more accurate resistant generating machine is the air resistant flywheel. This machine can also include a digital display, but more importantly, it has a fan-like blade that spins within the flywheel as well as a lever to adjust how much wind goes into the flywheel. Just like an on-water experience, the resistance increases when the handlebars are pulled harder. For this reason, it is most commonly used by rowers, but this machine does not collapse and tends to be noisy.

Water Resistance – Finally the water resistant machine uses paddles within a tank of water to generate the resistance. The resistance can be altered by adding or removing water so that the harder you row, the more resistance you feel. Out of all the machine types, this one gives the best on-water feeling, but they are heavy due to the water tank.

What are the Benefits of Rowing Machine?

Rowing Machine is undoubtedly one of the best fitness machines for health freaks. The Rowing machines give you an option of either going for an individual row or with a group of participants. A 30-60 minute workout on the rowing machine enables you to make a good body over time.

Running machine carries many health benefits for the gym goers. When it comes to increasing endurance, the rowing machine benefits cannot be ignored.
We have collected some of the most common rowing machine benefits.

Here they are:

1. Works on the cardiovascular fitness:

The impact of rowing machine exercise comes straight to the heart function and it enables the body to gain energy required from carbohydrates. The lung, heart and circulation systems of the body can be improved with the use of rowing machine.

2. Weight loss:

With the use of rowing machine, you can burn calories at a rapid rate. This helps you to reduce weight by a great degree. If you work out on the rowing machine for 30 minutes straight, there is a high possibility of burning 377 calories. This calculation applies to a person weighed 185 pounds, according to Harvard Health Publications. The more rowing you do, the more calories you burn and weight loss is directly proportional to the calories you lose.

3. Muscle Shaping:

Rowing machine exercise employs the use of multiple muscles in a human body. It carves pressure on the joints, legs, hips and buttocks of a human body. Rowing machine exercise is considered to be low impact by nature. The muscles of upper body portion are also used while doing rowing. Since, a lot of muscles are engaged in rowing exercise, it tones your muscles to great impact.

4. A dip in stress levels:

Rowing machine can be used at home too. If you don’t carry a substantial number of empty hours in your time schedule, it is better to set up the rowing machine at home. You can then use your rowing machine while watching TV. It is believed that a physical activity can stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain. A person suffering from depression or something similar should work out on the rowing machine. It helps you get relieved and stress free instantly.

5. It can be performed with a group:

Usually people prefer to workout with their friends. It then becomes a more competitive and engaging session for individuals. The best part about a rowing machine is that it can be performed by a big group too. Rowing in a group feels like participating in a race with your team. This makes the workout on rowing machine even more fun and entertaining. Hence, this is one of the best rowing benefits.

6. It is relatively cheaper in cost:

If you are looking to buy a machine for working out at home, it is hard to beat the odds of a rowing machine. It can be bought at a relatively cheaper price compared to the other machines available in the market. A top rowing machine can be bought in the vicinity of $1000, which is a bargain buy considering the benefits of a rowing machine.

Is Rowing Machine the Right Workout for You?

If you are wondering if the rowing machine is the right choice for you, rest assured that it is. Working out can be difficult for some people because they tend to find it very boring, exhausting, or hard to get motivated about. With the rowing machine, the adjustable levels allow you to make the workout as easy or difficult as you want. The gliding of the seat simulates the actual feeling of rowing, which may be better for you than lifting free weights or cycling on a stationary bike. Because most machines require the use of your whole body including your legs, arms, back, and core, it gives you a fantastic workout each time. Your heart will begin pumping harder, and considering that the heart is a very precious part of the body, working your cardiovascular system is definitely a good thing to do. Everybody can benefit from making their heart healthier by investing in a rowing machine.

As well as that, the rowing machine is a great alternative to running on solid pavement which is very hard on your joints. You can decide to have a very low resistance that doesn’t strain your body in the way that lifting free weights will. Rowing really increases your stamina, builds your muscles, and burns your calories. In fact, a rowing machine workout can offer quick results if your goal is to lose weight. It’s also a great option if you are older and find workouts to be too hard on the body. The same goes for anyone who is new to working out and finds the idea of running on a treadmill intimidating or boring. There really isn’t many reasons that you wouldn’t be able to use it. Overall, it is one of the best workouts you can get, and you can adjust it to whatever level of intensity you want in order to suit you. Once you get the smooth motion of a gliding row down, you could be the master of your own workout routine.