5 Risks Of Having Unreliable Wireless LAN

Internet reliability is at the heart of all digital work. Everybody knows the frustration of a wi-fi signal dropping out. This can happen occasionally. Even the best wireless setups can experience it now and then. The issue is when it switches from rarely to regularly.

It might not seem like a big deal initially if you lose ‘all the bars’. But in reality it gives rise to a whole ton of risks. Overtime these can really add up and cause wider problems across the board. Let’s look now at 5 risks of having unreliable wireless LAN.

1. You Will Lose Business

Unreliable wireless LAN will always result in lost business. A prospective client will move on if they don’t get a reply to their enquiry in time. Opportunities to pitch for new business can also be missed when you’re regularly receiving emails and other notifications too late. It’s also not just potential clients you can lose out.

In an era where the digital economy sees truly global competition, the customer is always right – an always ready to move on. Unreliable wireless can quickly cause a breakdown in communication, and the strong working relationship you worked hard to build with a client.

Unreliable wireless lan isn’t only a risk to the future of your business, but its operations right now.

2. It Will Destroy Momentum

Even if you usually have the patience of a Zen monk, losing connection 20 times in 1 hour will drive anyone mad. On an individual level, the constant stop and start of unreliable wireless can quickly ruin any chance for you to build momentum in your work day by day.

In a team setting it’s even worse. Instead of just one person being disrupted, whole meetings, projects, and events can come to a grinding halt if wireless LAN fails.

3. It Can Create Other Technical Issues

Many people swear by certain steps when connectivity is lost. Closing all programs, switching the router on and off, restarting a device, and so on. Some techniques can actually help to restore connectivity, others won’t do anything at all. What they all share in common is the potential to create new technical issues.

In theory good hardware and software should operate no matter how many times you restart it.
But even good technology is not completely bulletproof. The more a device is restarted (especially if doing it multiple times daily), the greater risk something will go wrong. The odds of a massive error are small, but the odds can be totally eliminated with reliable wireless.

4. It Can Cause You to Take Risks

Whether operating individually or a business, when the internet goes offline many people quickly look for an alternative connection. If you work in a CBD, business park, or even among suburban shops, odds are strong there’ll be many alternative connections available. Usually the more options you have on hand the better, but this case is one exception.

Your regular reliable wi-fi will be secure, but it’s anyone’s guess whether that public one available is. But if you have a major deadline and no alternative but to send it through right now? That public wi-fi may tempt you to take a risk with your security today that you really regret it tomorrow.

5. It Can Be Very Expensive

Many business always look at an option like managed wireless LAN and ponder the extra cost connection can at times (but not always) involve. It’s possible sometimes paying for quality wireless LAN cost a little more, but it’s certain unreliability can be hugely expensive for business.

Using mobile data regularly remains an expensive proposition for many in business, but it’s an expense that must be paid if your wireless LAN isn’t working. Sure, this may not be a huge issue if your boss overseas just requires a quick memo sent through.

But that’s the thing about unreliable wireless, it can fail anytime. If a major project must be transferred via mobile data, suddenly the risk of a budget blowout becomes significant.

Remember Hardware Matters Too

Australians recognise premium laptops and smartphones cost more money than budget offerings. They also recognise the premium devices have a higher quality construction, and provide a better service, than a lower end device. This distinction is made with computers and mobiles, but rarely with wi-fi devices. Poor quality hardware is at the heart of wi-fi reliability.

That’s why always look to invest in a quality wi-fi device is essential. Depending on your needs, you may only require a good but standard wi-fi device. If you must use your wireless connectivity for more demanding online tasks, then considering a carrier grade wireless LAN is worthwhile.

Making a Connection

These 5 risks are just a few of the many out there for a business with unreliable Wireless LAN.

The risk it brings to lost business, productivity, other technology, security – and crucially your budget! – mean that unreliable wireless LAN is never acceptable for anyone in business.

But reliable wireless LAN removes all these risks, and ensure business is be done with peace of mind. With a focus on growing profits and a good reputation, instead of worrying over reliability.

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