5 Best Health And Beauty Apps For Your iPhone

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Think Dirty

A very popular and convenient application with the “eco” prefix for those who prefer to check compositions of cosmetic products: information on the packaging is often not enough. After scanning a barcode application will assess the safety of a product on a scale that will show the list of components and highlight the potentially dangerous ones. Substances-allergens are also on the list. In addition, you can learn about the ecology of the brand you are interested in, choose alternative products and draw up lists and wishlists. There are many functions, so the application will be helpful for everyone.


This app is for those who really don’t want to visit a stuffy gym in the summer, but like to maintain their body in shape. Sworkit offers you a great amount of trainings that do not require any equipment: they can be held in the nearest park. The video, in which professionals demonstrate proper technique will help you not to make mistakes, and the choice between enforcement training, cardio and stretching will allow you to find something to your liking.

Down Dog

The Down Dog app has the highest score among all App Store apps for yoga — and if your mat is collecting the dust, it’s the right time to take it to the park or to the cottage and go practice. The application offers new training in accordance with the specified level and duration. You can choose a full practice option, an option for recovery (stretching exercises and relaxation) or, conversely, an active part without warming up and stretching.

MySpaWater Recipes

This is a step forward compared to the boring applications that just remind to drink plenty of water. MySpaWater Recipes offers ideas of useful and beautiful drinks — for example, with orange and cucumber or with chili peppers, strawberries and lime. All you have to do is to add the ingredients from the recipe to the water and let it stand for 20-30 minutes.

Smiling Mind

Nowadays many healthy lifestyles experts talk about meditation of mindfulness (or mindful meditation). They encourage practicing it at least five minutes a day. We recommend you to try the Australian application Smiling Mind, whose creators want to make meditation lessons become compulsory in schools and universities in Australia by 2020. It is especially nice to meditate at summer outdoors – in the garden or park, on the shore or on the balcony.

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